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Certified Digital Marketing Professional, Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Ads Search Certification

Course overview

Lumify Learn has launched a new course for aspiring growth marketers. Our Growth Marketing Professional course has a focus on digital marketing skills and includes valued and globally recognised certifications from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) and Google, the undisputed market leader in digital advertising.

This course will take 3 months to complete (with no prerequisites), and help you develop in-demand skills, positioning you for a rewarding career in marketing.

The benefits of completing Lumify Learn's Growth Marketing Professional Course

Marketing drives business growth, and the Growth Marketing Professional course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to contribute to business success. Gain theoretical knowledge and practical know-how to run successful growth marketing programs using the latest tools, plus the ability to analyse and optimise campaign performance.

This course covers all the fundamentals including quantitative and analytical skills, technical skills, qualitative research, copywriting, storytelling, channel acquisition and program management to make you a master of growth. You’ll also learn about customer success, front end development and marketing automation to help you become a complete growth hacker.

Become proficient in digital marketing strategy, social media, Google paid search (PPC), email marketing, Google Analytics, content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), and display and video advertising.

The Growth Marketing Professional course is ideal for anyone wanting to become a skilled growth hacker with a broad base of marketing knowledge and skills.

The benefits of completing the Growth Marketing Professional course:

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Discover the power of quality mentors. Our Mentors are experienced industry professionals who will guide you in your studies and help you to leverage your skills in real work scenarios.

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Course Structure

Growth Marketing Professional
3 months
100% online learning
Certified Digital Marketing Professional, Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Ads Search Certification

This program is a foundation course designed to provide students with an overview of the variety of digital marketing channels and equip you with skills to effectively use those channels in building and implementing a cohesive digital marketing strategy.

This course includes basic and advanced Google Analytics concepts, covering planning and principles; implementation and data collection; configuration and administration; conversion and attribution; and reports, metrics, and dimensions.

With this online course,  you will be able to demonstrate your mastery of building and optimizing Google Search campaigns. You will have the ability to leverage automated solutions like Smart Bidding and Audience Solutions to boost campaign performance for specific marketing objectives.

  • Job-ready personal development skills and assessments

  • Front-End Development for Website Optimisation, Customer Success Management Fundamentals, Growth Hacking Tools and Project Management Frameworks

  • Access to sourced content from Digital Marketing Institute, the global certification standard in Digital Marketing education, including lifetime membership, practical activities, real-world scenario templates, toolkits and much more

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Lumify Edge is designed to provide you with the tools you need to launch a fulfilling and well-paid IT career.

By enrolling in the course, you will be eligible to take part in Lumify Edge where we connect you with those recruiting for positions in the market along with Internship opportunities.

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Enrolment information

The course requires no prerequisites; even if you are brand new to IT, with the right attitude and appetite to learn, you will be able to join the course.

You will begin your study in a cohort with your fellow students – from there, you will have twelve months to complete the course, entirely at your own pace.

Tech Requirements

While there are no prerequisites for the course, you will need to have access to a laptop or desktop computer with a reliable internet connection.

Lumify Learn accepts no responsibility for personal electronic devices that are utilised for the course and undertakes no responsibility to investigate their damage.


The course includes three certifications, that can be undertaken in-person at a testing center near you or via online proctored environment. Exam fees are included in the cost of the course.

Lumify Learn provides you with exam vouchers in order to register for these exams.

What happens next?

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If all your documentation is in order, you will then be invited to attend an online orientation

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Successful digital marketers are often a mix of analytical and creative expertise.

Those in this role will typically rely on qualitative and quantitative research when developing new strategies, requiring skills in data analytics, data visualisation, and brainstorming inventive ways of connecting with online audiences. You’ll spend much of your time tracking, measuring, and analysing the performance of past online marketing campaigns – demanding a keen eye for detail and the ability to extract meaningful insights out of numeric information.

At the same time (though this may depend on your role), creative skills in content creation will do well to bolster your career. Most digital marketers rely on social media platforms and website content to engage with potential customers; assets that require unique, engaging ideas in order to capture fleeting user attention.

Additionally, various technical skills such as SEO, database querying, and basic HTML/CSS are often staples; helping you leverage these digital tools to greater effect.

A wide range of digital marketing courses now exist to equip one with the entry-level skills for junior employment opportunities, such as Lumify Learn’s Growth Marketing Professional course. Our program offers a “boot camp” overview of the profession, giving you a starter feel of the industry through basic technical concepts like SEO, e-mail marketing, and content marketing. Those who complete our training may go on to pursue entry-level roles in the job market, or further tertiary education in the field.

On top of formal education, however, individuals are also encouraged to join professional associations such as the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) or the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA). Through these industry bodies, you’ll get to network with experts, find new job opportunities, and gain access to further professional development resources. Membership can additionally verify your skills for the job market, helping you stand out among potential employers.

Lumify Learn’s Growth Marketing Professional course covers all the technical and practical skills required of a digital “growth” marketing role. These areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Data analytics

  • Channel acquisition

  • Copywriting and content creation

  • Marketing automation

  • Front-end development

  • Social media marketing

  • E-mail marketing

  • SEO

  • Google Analytics and Paid Search

Growth marketing is a subset of digital marketing that focuses on constant strategy testing and experimentation. It accounts for all levels of the “customer funnel” – helping build awareness while also actively improving acquisition, conversion, retention, and referral. Those in this role are highly data-driven, innovative, and constantly find newer, better ways of connecting and interacting with online audiences.

Digital marketing is the practice of building up one’s brand image, awareness, and customer base through online tools and channels. With most of us now active and reliant on the internet, failing to have a solid online presence will likely spell lost potential profits for your business. Websites or social media profiles are therefore a now a must for any company – those who fail to have these are bound to fall behind competition.

This field can take on my forms, though the most common types of digital marketing include:

Content marketing: This type of digital marketing focuses on content creation, helping build brand awareness and customer engagement. Such assets could include blog articles, audio-visual content, infographics, and eBooks.

Social media marketing: Those in this field leverage various social media channels to promote their brand or company. They engage and create content for audiences on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – allowing for regular interaction with their customer base.

E-mail marketing: Digital marketers will often use e-mails as a way of promoting new services, products, sales, or welcoming customers to loyalty programs. Those contacted are typically subscribed to an “e-mail list”, ensuring they’re updated on the latest business happenings.

Sponsored content: This type of marketing pays other businesses, entities, or solo influencers to promote one’s brand or services. This is typically done through social media posts, blog articles discussing a new product or service, or ad placements in online audio-visual content (i.e. YouTube videos or podcasts).

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