The benefits of micro-credentials

By Lumify Learn Team  |  January 19, 2022

Looking to switch fields? Seeking new roles in the job market? Perhaps aiming to snag that promotion as a new year’s goal?

Whatever your 2022 career goals may be, undertaking an online course (or two) is an often recommended pathway. Not only are they highly accessible, but they also offer students the flexibility of studying a time, place, and pace of their choosing.

However, you don’t have to jump into a long-term degree or diploma to build the specific skillsets you’re after. The advent of micro-credentials allows workers to incrementally build the competencies they need without the commitment of a traditional qualification.

Below, we explore what micro-credentials are, the benefits the offer, and programs offered by Lumify Learn to get you started.


Micro-credentials – also known as “nano-degrees” or “mini qualifications” – are smaller-scale certifications in a specific subject or skills area. They’re often more focused than long-term traditional qualifications such as a diploma or bachelor’s degree, though can also be broad in scope; Lumify Learn, for example, offers micro-credentials in areas as specific as , while also providing others that train in more generalised areas of web development and project management. Due to their brief nature, they’re also an often more accessible and affordable form of training.

Upon completion, individuals typically receive a digital badge as evidence of their new credential. These qualifications can be acquired as standalone certifications, or can form part of a larger (usually workplace-related) training program leading to a broader qualification.


They offer quick, flexible skills training

Micro-credentials are favoured for their flexible ability to offer quick skills boosts, typically in response to emerging or urgent skills needs. If you’re looking to nab that promotion, switch industries, or simply looking to elevate your value on the job market – then a micro-credential can grant you the training you need in a short span of time. As mentioned, they can also be used as “stepping stones” towards a larger qualification (i.e. a bachelor’s or diploma degree).

Plenty of micro-credentials also offer their training online, such as those provided by Lumify Learn. This allows students to study according to their personal needs and schedule, offering a highly accommodating, tailor-made learning experience.

Awards both hard and soft skills

Individuals have the opportunity of building on both their technical and transferable soft skills through micro-credentials. As previously mentioned, these qualifications can either focus on a specific industry field (i.e. cybersecurity) or a general skills area (i.e. marketing or leadership); keeping one’s workplace capabilities sharp, competitive, and well-rounded.

Additionally, micro-credentials recognise an employee’s incremental efforts in upgrading both their hard and soft skills. Any new ideas or abilities you gain while on the job can often go unnoticed – though micro-credentials offer a way to characterise, qualify, and quantify these, awarding you for your progress and development over time.

Personalised workplace training

Micro-credentials offer employers and employees with a highly flexible approach to workplace training. Rather than establishing a one-size-fits-all development program for all workers, these mini qualifications allow them to choose those that best fit their goals, interests, and current skills level. As a result, they’ll end up with a personalised qualification package that still meets their employer-mandated training requirements – leading to better outcomes that are specific to their role and career trajectory.

This system is also highly scalable, helping employers save time and financial resources in the long run. They’ll have the opportunity to cut down on less effective credentials and refine their training program by adding newer, better ones.

Leads to greater employee engagement

With learning and development a reported key driver of Australian employee engagement, it’s no surprise micro-credentials are likely to boost satisfaction and productivity in the workplace. A customisable, tailor-made approach to skills training can lead to greater investment in one’s career goals and role in your company. They provide an affordable way of retaining employee interest by building on their strengths and recognising their small, progressive accomplishments.

As a result, you’ll foster a workplace of highly engaged, competitive employees – leading to greater productivity and in turn, greater profits.

Keeps your skills competitive and up-to-date

Finally, the greatest benefit of micro-credentials is their ability to quickly keep one’s skills ahead of the curve. With industries evolving at a rapid pace – particularly those in IT – it can be daunting to keep up with the latest in-demand talents and specialties. Fortunately, micro-credentials offer a readily accessible solution to this, without having to commit to a long-term, fully-fledged degree program. Workers can easily build their skills in step with the newest trends, keeping their workplace competitive and their abilities sharp for the job market.

Gain transferable skills with Lumify Learn’s micro-credentials

As mentioned, Lumify Learn offers a varied selection of micro-credentials (also termed as “boot camp programs”), giving workers a quick boost in transferable, in-demand industry skills.

Below are a few boot camp programs that can apply to any role, regardless of industry. Each range between 3 to 6 months and are delivered completely online, for your convenience.


Our Certified Project Management Professional course equips students with the skills to effectively plan, manage, and develop projects in the workplace. You’ll learn key technical skills in risk management, project documentation, project initiation, stakeholder management, and agile methodologies (i.e. Scrum, AgilePM, Prince2), among others. Additionally, you’ll build on your people and collaborative skills, as well as your ability to efficiently manage and optimise resources.

With full-time study, this course can take 3 months to complete.


With cloud computing now a staple among Australian businesses (around 72.9% as of 2020), the skills to manage or navigate such platforms are set to become a non-negotiable.  arms you with the fundamentals of using leading cloud platforms (i.e. AWS, Google, Microsoft) and how to plan, configure, and manage your own cloud solutions. You’ll not only build the skills to leverage cloud computing for any business, but also the knowledge to pursue entry-level roles in this growing IT specialty.

With full-time study, this course can take 4-6 months to complete.


Behind every successful business is a talented marketing team. Our Growth Marketing Professional course trains students in the latest strategy of “growth marketing”, helping them drive any company towards greater profits and success. You’ll learn the ins and outs of optimising digital campaigns, effective copywriting, and social media marketing – alongside soft skills in analysis, research, and general communication.

With full-time study, this course can take 3 months to complete.


Whether you’re looking to advance in your role or pursue a new one altogether, micro-credentials are a great way to kickstart your new career path.

Alongside the courses mentioned above, Lumify Learn offers plenty more micro-credential programs in areas of ICT – including data science, cyber security, and web development. While each have their own designated start date, students have the flexibility of finishing whenever suits them (up to 12 months), while enjoying the benefits of on-demand online delivery.

Grow your skills for 2022, and enquire with us on a course today.

Lumify Learn offers a wide range of courses:

ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology (Cyber Security)
ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology (Back End Web Development)
ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology (Advanced Networking)
ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking)
ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Web Development)
ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Systems Administration Support)
ICT30120 Certificate III in Information Technology

Certified Project Management Professional
Certified Full Stack Developer

Certified Cyber Security Professional
Certified Data Science Professional

Growth Marketing Professional

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