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IT Learning Unleashed | Study Smart, Live Big

Choosing what to do after high school is a big decision. But also, a super exciting one! You may have a clear idea of what you want to do, or you may be feeling a bit clueless about the direction of your future – all perfectly normal.

Thankfully there is now a better solution available to you - one that results in you getting a bachelors degree from your CHOSEN University without an ATAR, whilst getting 2 years of practical hands on experience, and with the flexibility to study around your desired lifestyle. Oh, and did we mention it’s more affordable than going to University to complete the same degree?

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We could talk about our cutting-edge content and career-changing courses all day long, but we’d rather let our students do the talking.

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Matthew O
Not long before I started my ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking), I landed a job as an ICT Support Assistant. The company I work for develops a variety of advanced software and hardware services which are used to support the Australian Defence organisation, and our allies, whilst also working to develop solutions in the civil domain world-wide. Prior to starting this role, I would struggle to turn on a computer. Although my role didn’t require any technical knowledge (as this would be taught on the job), it was clear that I could excel in my career if I had a good understanding of the ICT domain. So began the search to learn all I could in this new world to help me both upskill and open new opportunities.Initially I started the same course with TAFE SA, and after having surgery that didn’t go to plan, it was a struggle to get an exemption for my deadlines without having to wait another 6-8 months for the next course. Seeing as I was keen to learn, I decided to resign from TAFE and started researching other organisations that could offer me what I needed. I eventually stumbled upon Lumify Learn, and after a sending off a quick e-mail I received a phone call from their office where we discussed what I was after and how we could make this work. The ability to study at your own pace, and have a one-on-one discussion with your tutor every week made this perfect for what I needed.I haven’t looked back since starting here and can honestly say I am amazed at how flexible and easy it is to work with Lumify Learn, especially when I’m working full time, and have very little spare time up my sleeves. Again, no deadlines, working with-in my time, having a tutor that is more than willing to be available for you when I’m traveling on business trips is just incredible. It’s clear that the business is more focused on you achieving your goals, and making it work for you than just a commission.Since starting the CERT IV I have learnt more than I thought I could in the time I’ve been studying. I have moved up from a ICT support assistant to a Field Applications Engineer where I travel the world integrating and deploying cutting edge software to our clients. Lumify Learn have given me a deep understanding on how everything works, and Daniel (my tutor) delves into more information about what I’m learning to help me grasp an even better understanding.I would recommend this course for so many reasons. Mainly the one-on-one tutoring, it makes it feel as if Lumify Learn are actually willing to help in any way possible and are more than happy to adapt their techniques or whatever they need to too suit you. I also love the flexibility to study, I currently work on average 45-60 hours a week, and trying to find time to study can be hard. Having no deadlines, but a tutor that will make sure you’re on track is exactly what I need.
Matthew O
ICT40120 - Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking

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We’d be surprised if you didn’t. Here’s our round-up of the most common questions we get asked. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Get in touch at [email protected] or 1800 936 230.

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All of our courses require students to be 17 years or older and have adequate language, literacy and numeracy skills to complete the course. Beyond minimum entry requirements, it’s important that this is the right course for you. Speak with one of our Course Advisors to ensure this course delivers the learning experience and outcome you are looking for. We call this our “right course, right fit” policy.

We have a mix of both nationally recognised courses and globally recognised vendor certifications. Nationally recognised qualifications can be identified with the Nationally Recognised Training logo. The Vendor Certifications will show the vendor name eg. Microsoft, AWS, CompTIA

At Lumify Learn, we know that there is more than one way to gain industry-relevant skills; whether that includes previous study or previous work experience. That’s why we offer several ways to recognise this experience, to help you fast-track your studies, and get you into your dream job faster.

The Federal Government has developed a system called the Unique Student Identifier (USI) to help Australian students' gain access to their results when they complete a nationally recognised course, or part thereof. The USI is generated online, does not cost anything and will be recorded whenever you enrol in a nationally recognised VET course.

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