IT Networking

IT networking is the process of building, using, and maintaining all the technologies and protocols required to connect computer systems to one another. These interconnected devices are known as IT or computer networks, an environment that allows the ease of data transmission between them – making our daily communications, transactions, and online activities possible. Today’s businesses rely on IT network professionals to ensure optimal performance of their network systems, allowing for greater productivity, efficient operations, and faster innovation.

Lumify Learn currently offers online courses that explore the fundamentals of IT networking, such as our ICT40120 – Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking). Those just entering the field can learn the basics of installing, configuring, and testing computer networks in a business environment; along with the essentials of ICT support, security, and server management. Such training can help equip you for entry-level opportunities in the job market, or for further training in higher-level qualifications, such as our ICT50220 – Diploma of Information Technology (Advanced Networking).

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Why Study IT Networking?

Computer networks are a non-negotiable in any workplace’s IT environment, allowing staff members to easily communicate and share information with one another. They are critical to business growth and transformation, helping boost operational efficiency, worker productivity, and workplace flexibility. Without a solid, reliable IT network in today’s landscape, business collaboration and innovation are rendered near-impossible.

As our technological environments continue to evolve, those with the right skills to manage these online connections are bound to stay in demand for years to come. The sector is expecting strong future growth, with plenty of opportunity for high-paying, full-time work. Additionally, with businesses across all fields reliant on computer network systems, you’re likely to find job roles in a wide range of industries – making the profession a very flexible one with a highly transferable skillset.

As such, for as long as IT networks are relied on by organisations, so too are the skills of those who can effectively set up and manage them. According to Labour Market Insights, computer network professionals have stayed in fairly high demand in the last decade (reaching a peak in employment during 2019 at 49,900) – with further growth expected in the years to 2026. Those aspiring to the field can thus expect plenty of job opportunities, with generous salary packages to boot. Current statistics report that computer network specialists receive higher weekly earnings than Australia’s all jobs average, with the average annual salary sitting at $78,768 per year, according to Payscale.

Studying IT networking can therefore pave the way for many lucrative job roles in the tech sector, and with much of this field overlapping with other areas in the industry; including cyber security, programming, and support – students will find their skills flexibly applicable across varying tech specialties. Additionally, as networking continues to merge with cloud computing technology (another rapidly expanding area of tech), professionals are bound to see even greater opportunities for skill development and employment.

To top this off, there are now plenty of educational pathways to build one’s skills in this field, including courses that offer online training. Lumify Learn’s certificate and diploma programs in networking are examples of this, helping one get qualified through the flexible option of studying at a time, place, and pace of your choosing.

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