How Our Trainer Aline Kokotovic Facilitates RPL Excellence

By Lumify Learn Team  |  July 9, 2024

As Australia’s booming tech scene demands more IT workers, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) offers a valuable opportunity for seasoned IT professionals. RPL is an assessment process that allows individuals to use their prior work experience to demonstrate competency in specific areas, even if they lack formal qualifications. Once they have their skills recognised through RPL, they can gain the credentials they need to pursue higher-level positions in their chosen field.

When an individual goes through Lumify Learn’s RPL program, our trainer-assessors evaluate their existing skills to determine their suitability for formal recognition for units of competency within a qualification. They assess candidates' abilities against established unit requirement criteria, helping them gain credit for what they already know, streamlining their path to qualification without the need to study competencies they already hold.

Learning From the Experts

We recently sat down with Aline Kokotovic, Lumify Learn’s lead trainer and RPL assessor. With over 20 years of experience in various roles within the IT industry, she has a deep passion for training the future generation of IT professionals.

Aline Kokotovic

We asked her about her roles and responsibilities as a trainer-assessor, how she evaluates applications, and why Lumify Learn’s RPL program stands out from other registered training organisations.

Q: As a trainer, what role do you play in the RPL process at Lumify Learn?

Aline: In my role as an RPL assessor, I’m like a coach for candidates, helping them showcase their skills and knowledge. I walk them through the assessment process, offering different methods for them to prove what they know and can do.

Aside from that, I’m committed to being fair and transparent, making sure they get the recognition they’ve earned from their past learning experiences regardless of how the skills and knowledge was gained, formal training, informal training and work-related skill development. It’s all about giving credit where credit is due!

Q: How do you ensure that a student's prior learning is relevant and meets the program's standards?

A: That’s a good question! I take a close look at each student’s previous learning and explore how the student’s evidence apply to the unit of competency. My approach includes a variety of assessment methods. I might conduct interviews, review portfolios, or observe practical demonstrations to measure just how deep and relevant a student’s knowledge is.

The key to a successful RPL is listening and understanding the student’s experience then prompting them to see what portfolio evidence they can provide that map to the units in our study program.

It’s important to me that the on the job learning they’ve already achieved is recognized at the appropriate Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level, and I make sure to credit it accordingly within our program.

Q: What are the most common types of evidence that students submit for RPL, and how do you evaluate them?

A: When students submit their evidence for RPL, I often see a variety of materials like:

  • Resumes

  • Job descriptions

  • Performance reviews/evaluation

  • Third-party employer reports

  • Portfolios

  • Workplace documents

  • Certificates

  • Transcripts

  • Practical demonstrations

My job is to carefully check how well these pieces line up with our program’s standards and the specific competencies we’re looking for. I look for depth, how up-to-date the information is, its authenticity, and how relevant it is to what we want our students to learn. Sometimes, I’ll even have an interview with the students or set up practical assessments to make sure the evidence really stacks up.

Q: What is Lumify Learn’s RPL evaluation process and criteria?

A: Lumify Learn's RPL evaluation process follows some easy steps from initial consultation through to RPL outcome:

  1. Initial consultation: I sit down with the student to discuss their prior learning and assess their suitability for RPL.

  2. Evidence submission: The student submits relevant evidence, such as portfolios, certificates, or workplace documents to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

  3. Evidence evaluation: I rigorously evaluate the submitted evidence against the National Register of Vocational Education and Training (VET) predefined performance and knowledge criteria, considering its relevance, authenticity, currency, application in the workplace and alignment with program standards.

  4. Gap analysis: After checking the evidence, I identify any gaps between the student's prior learning and the requirements of their chosen program.

  5. Feedback and guidance: I go back to the student and provide them feedback, such as strengths and areas for improvement, and guide them on the best approach to address any identified gaps.

  6. Decision making: After all that, I determine the extent to which the student's prior learning and experience meets the program's requirements and recommend any additional learning or assessments if necessary.

  7. Recognition: Upon successful evaluation, Lumify Learn formally recognises the student's prior learning, granting RPL in units of competency which is credited towards the completion of the program.

Throughout the process, I make sure to stick to transparent and objective evaluation criteria. This way, I can ensure fairness and consistency whenever I assess students' prior learning and experience.

Q: What do you think sets Lumify Learn's RPL program apart from other institutions?

A: Lumify Learn sets itself apart through its commitment to personalised and rigorous Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) processes. We prioritise individualised assessments, making sure that each student’s prior learning is thoroughly evaluated against the units of competency and program standards.

But we don’t just stop at evaluation; we also give comprehensive feedback and guidance to help students fill in any gaps, guiding them all the way to their qualifications or certifications. This personalised approach fosters a supportive and equitable skills and knowledge assessment environment, which then helps our students achieve their goals efficiently.

Q: Final question: From your perspective, what future developments do you foresee in the field of RPL?

A: With technological advancements progressing rapidly, I think many individuals will learn technically specific skills in the workplace through their involvement in IT related projects, implementations, cyber security measures, and software and hardware enhancements. That’s where RPL comes in. It’s becoming a key opportunity for IT industry professionals to get formal recognition for the expertise they’ve developed at work, matched up with the latest qualifications and certifications.

And when it comes to assessing those competencies, we at Lumify Learn are always identifying ways to be at the leading edge of supporting our industry sector. Looking ahead, we’re pretty excited about the prospect of using cutting-edge digital tools, such as AI-powered assessment platforms and online portfolios. This way, we can make the whole process of submitting and evaluating evidence and giving feedback much smoother.

Get Your Skills Recognised with Lumify Learn

Lumify Learn understands the value of your prior learning experiences across the IT industry sector. That’s why we offer a comprehensive pathway to fast-track your qualification or certification:

  • Personalised assessment: Our experienced assessors provide tailored evaluations, ensuring your prior learning and experience is recognized and credited accurately.

  • Transparent process: We offer a transparent and supportive process, guiding you through every step of the RPL journey and providing comprehensive feedback to help you succeed.

  • Industry-relevant recognition: Lumify Learn's RPL program aligns with industry standards, giving you the recognition you deserve for your relevant skills and knowledge.

  • Flexible learning: With Lumify, you can achieve your goals on your terms. Our flexible RPL program accommodates your schedule and allows you to earn credit for what you already know.

  • Accelerated pathways: By recognising your prior learning and experience, Lumify helps you save time and money on redundant training, allowing you to fast-track your educational and career goals.

Don't let your valuable experience go unrecognized. Contact Lumify Learn today for a seamless and rewarding RPL experience and take the next step towards your future success!

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