How To Start A Career In Growth Marketing

By Mika Vargova  |  April 28, 2021

In the fast-paced, unpredictable world of business, one must learn to swiftly adapt to the changing needs of their current and potential customers. Growth marketing and social media have given rise to more creative, accurate, and competitive ways of building business awareness – though superficial methods of promotion are simply not enough. For a company to truly grow, flourish, and retain loyal patrons, the skills to address all aspects of the customer funnel are crucial.

Here’s where the job of a growth marketer comes in: an expert of all things traditional marketing as well as modern digital strategies – these including SEO, online content, e-mail marketing, and creative ad copy. Rather than simply launching a campaign idea and hoping for the best, growth marketers use their industry knowledge to build value and engage customers throughout the entire marketing process.

Those seeking to launch a career in this thriving, innovative sector can build the critical skills required through Lumify Learn's online course in growth marketing. With globally-recognised certifications under Google and the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), and a recent endorsement by the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) – students can equip themselves with the valuable qualifications necessary to stand out in a competitive job market.

We dive into the nature of growth marketing below, the benefits of studying with Lumify Learn, and the details of AMI’s recent partnership with DMI.

What is Growth Marketing?

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As mentioned, growth marketing is a process that goes beyond the top of the marketing funnel.

Traditional marketing processes typically end with launching a promotional campaign – and while a useful method for building product awareness and customer acquisition, its value often dwindles there. Such examples include simple ad campaigns, direct mail (i.e. brochures and fliers), and commercials. These tactics involve a large marketing budget and take time in building a substantial brand reputation, often with diminishing returns.

Growth marketing, on the other hand, is decidedly experimental; focusing on unconventional marketing strategies that typically optimize online tools and resources. They are experts in SEO, blog posting, A/B testing, and the online user experience – and take care in assessing the entire marketing funnel to achieve strong, sustainable growth. Rather than simply accomplishing the “awareness” and “acquisition” stage of the marketing process, growth marketers work to consistently engage, retain, and improve the customer experience.

As such, growth marketing campaigns typically focus on customer loyalty (i.e. through membership campaigns or exclusive access), referral programs, and an engaging onboarding customer process (i.e. tailoring their website experience to best meet their needs).

Due to the experimental nature of the process, growth marketers are also not afraid to “fail fast” with different marketing tests, helping them determine the best methods for optimising their budget and achieving desired results.

Get Started in Growth Marketing With Lumify Learn

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With the ever-evolving landscape of social media and online business, the growth marketing field currently holds plenty of opportunities for those looking into the profession. The economic disruption of COVID-19 has also pushed plenty more companies online, elevating demand for digital marketing skills (alongside content, creative, CRM, and loyalty management expertise).

Of course, the right training and qualifications can help you stand out in the job market.

Fortunately, Lumify Learn currently offers a comprehensive 3-month Growth Marketing Professional course that explores both the fundamental and technical aspects of practice – helping students hone their skills in quantitative and qualitative research; storytelling; program management; copywriting; data analytics, and other critical tactics for business growth. The program also offers one with the practical opportunities to use the latest industry toolkits, participate in hands-on campaign activities and work with real-world scenario templates.

Comprised of three world-renowned certifications: DMI’s Certified Digital Marketing Professional, the Google Analytics Individual Qualification, and the Google Ads Search Certification – those who complete the course are sure to draw the eyes of prospective employers. Each qualification contains its own program, covering critical industry skills in online marketing, data analytics, and SEO.

Who is DMI?

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The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) pride themselves in holding the “global standard in digital marketing certification”, having certified over 25,000 professionals worldwide. The organisation now currently holds over 130,000 international members and has served the industry for 12 years and counting.

Members of the institute are granted exclusive access to the latest news, resources, tools, and webinars related to the sector, with a global community of aspiring (and veteran) professionals to interact and build long-lasting connections with. Through their online course training, 53% of individuals reported a salary increase; 81% received a promotion; 73% stated an increase in their professional credibility.

Having partnered with Lumify Learn, students who enroll in our Growth Marketing Professional course will be given access to exclusive, curated content under DMI – along with training under their Certified Digital Marketing Professional program.

Who is AMI?

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The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) is a leading body of the country’s marketing industry; currently holding the largest network of marketing professionals, and bolstering opportunities in the sector since 1933.

Similarly to DMI, AMI offers Australian marketers with professional membership into the organisation, providing them with exclusive course training, certification, networking opportunities, and the latest industry insights. Membership is offered at varying levels depending on one’s experience and career goals, these including:

  • Associate Member, where general marketing professionals are given access to a wide, interactive network of aspiring marketers; academic resources; skill recognition and certification; and training opportunities.

  • Student Member; a suitable membership level for those starting out in their career, offering them the opportunity of building connections and fostering professional relationships with Australia’s largest marketing network.

  • Affiliate Member, where non-marketers are given the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the craft – while also gaining access to Australia’s marketing community.

Graduate membership is also offered to marketing graduates within the first two years of their career in the field, and international membership is also an option for marketers residing outside of Australia.

Additionally, the institute offers a Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM) certification, verifying one’s marketing skillset as being of a nationally-recognised, exemplary standard. Those with this title are deemed trusted, experienced, and ethical professionals – holding a wide breadth of up-to-date knowledge and skills in the field.

AMI’s Endorsement of DMI PRO

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As mentioned, DMI’s PRO/Certified Digital Marketing Professional course has recently been endorsed by AMI, offering students of Lumify Learn’s growth marketing program the benefit of free AMI membership.

Since the 10th of March, 2021 – students under the DMI PRO/Certified Digital Marketing Professional course will receive 12 months of free AMI student membership upon enrollment.

Additionally, those who successfully graduate from DMI PRO are entitled to points towards their application for AMI’s Certified Practising Member (CPM) designation.

Those who apply for the CPM title are scored against four categories: qualification, experience, seniority, and role; and are required to gain a minimum of 650 total points to earn their certification. Under AMI’s endorsement, completing the DMI PRO course will contribute a minimum of 50 points towards the “qualification” category (though graduates who hold other qualifications, such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, may earn up to 250 points).

On top of this, DMI PRO applicants are also granted an addition of 50 bonus points.

Lumify Learn’s inclusion of the DMI PRO course in our Growth Marketing Professional program thus offers students access to these same benefits – exemptions toward a CPM designation, and membership to the country’s largest marketing community; helping bolster their experience, connections, and competitive edge on the job market.

Looking To Build Your Growth Marketing Skills?

Recent years have seen growth marketing tactics take the business world by storm – and for good reason. Its highly analytical, innovative nature allows companies to stand out, develop, and grow their profits at a faster rate, and often for lower financial investment. Rather than outspending your competitors, growth marketing helps you outsmart them.

The interactive learning environment, internationally-recognised training, and exclusive training opportunities currently offered by Lumify Learn’s Growth Marketing Professional program can offer the head start you need to build a successful career in the field.

Best of all, the course is delivered online, letting you train according to your needs and schedule.

Explore the fast-paced, lucrative world of growth marketing, and get in touch with our experts today.

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