Growth Marketer

Learn about the day-to-day responsibilities, required skills, and salary potential of a growth marketer. Discover statistics on employment growth, weekly hours, and common qualifications held in the field.


Growth marketers (also known as “growth hackers”) are responsible for optimising specific target areas and metrics in a business. They assess a company’s current marketing strategies, identifying areas for improvement, then develop experimental solutions to enhance these processes. Once carried out, they analyse the results of their experiments and the business growth they offer – creating permanent strategies from those that work best.

Growth marketing comprises a variety of methods, including awareness strategies (i.e. social media outreach, SEO-rich content), acquisition, retention strategies (offering customers with personalised support), and referral programs. All strive for the same objective: to retain current customers while expanding to new markets.

Professionals in the field thus possess a comprehensive marketing skillset – with technical expertise in areas from online copywriting to automation tools.

As a subset of digital marketing specialists, growth marketers can look forward to plenty of future opportunity. According to SEEK statistics, the industry is projected to experience a 21.7% job growth in the next five years.

Key Skills

  • Extensive marketing skillset, with knowledge of common online tools and strategies

  • Strong analytical skills; required to gather and interpret data to make informed business decisions

  • Ability to think out-of-the-box and develop innovative (experimental) methods for improving business metrics

  • A thorough understanding of their market and target audience

  • Ability to learn from failures and move on the next solution

  • Excellent communication skills for sharing their findings with marketing managers and other stakeholders

Quick Facts

Growth marketers can find work in most regions of Australia, with New South Wales and Victoria currently holding the largest share of workers. Weekly salary potential is currently higher ($1,737) than the all job average ($1,460) with most employees working full time.

Salary Range

$73,000 - $120,000 (Median: $100,000)*

*Source: Payscale

Average Weekly Hours

44 hours (vs. all jobs average of 44 hours)*

*Source: Job Outlook

Main Industries

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services; Wholesale Trade; and Retail Trade

Most Common Qualification Level

49.5% hold a Bachelor’s Degree


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*Sources: and – All information is to be used as a guide only, and are accurate at the time of publication.