Ways School Graduates of 2023 Are Getting Real-World Experience

By Lumify Learn Team  |  December 13, 2023

As your child graduates from high school, they are set to embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery and growth. The transition from the four walls of the classroom to the real world opens doors to diverse opportunities for gaining practical experience and shaping their future.

In this blog, we will discuss the many opportunities for high school graduates to get real-world experience. We will also talk about Lumify Learn as an option that your child can consider.

Why is Real-World Experience Important?

Gaining experience in the real world can help students:

  • Apply their academic knowledge and skills to real-life situations and problems

  • Explore their interests and passions, and discover their strengths and weaknesses

  • Develop essential skills and competencies such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and leadership

  • Build their confidence and self-esteem and learn to cope with failures and challenges

  • Expand their network and connections, and learn from mentors and peers

Real-world experience can also help high school graduates make informed decisions about their future goals and plans. Through it, they gain valuable insights and feedback that can help them shape their career.

How are School Graduates Getting Real-world Experience?


Internships serve as an important bridge between the academic realm and the professional world. These opportunities provide students with a chance to translate theoretical knowledge into tangible, real-world applications. By immersing themselves in an authentic work environment, your child gains firsthand experience, which then allows them to navigate practical scenarios, solve challenges, and observe the intricacies of their chosen field.

Moreover, internships open doors for your child to build a professional network, establishing connections with experienced individuals who can offer mentorship and guidance. This aspect is invaluable, as it not only provides industry insights but also enhances the prospects of future career opportunities.

To get internships, your child can seek out opportunities on online platforms like LinkedIn, SEEK, and Indeed. Encourage them as well to attend industry-related events, career fairs, and informational sessions.


Volunteering provides a unique opportunity for high school graduates to gain experience while contributing to meaningful causes. It involves dedicating time and effort to various organisations or projects without monetary compensation, fostering connections with diverse communities, and addressing societal challenges.

To start their volunteering journey, your child can reflect on their values, interests, and skills. Their self-awareness will help them identify causes they care about, thus helping them find the right volunteer opportunities. Encourage them to explore local organisations and nonprofits or reach out to community centers or schools.


If your child has a spark of innovation, entrepreneurship can be a compelling path for them. Starting a small business or a creative project can teach them essential skills like problem-solving, decision-making, and resource management. It nurtures an entrepreneurial mindset, preparing graduates for the dynamic world of startups and business ventures. Entrepreneurship also fosters creativity, resilience, and adaptability, as entrepreneurs have to constantly generate new ideas, overcome challenges, and respond to changing market conditions.

Entrepreneurship is not only a career option, but also a way of life. According to recent statistics, there are 594 million entrepreneurs in the world in 2023, representing 7.4% of the global population. Entrepreneurship can bring personal satisfaction, social impact, and economic growth. It can also create opportunities for others, as entrepreneurs often hire employees, collaborate with partners, and support local communities.

Online Courses

In the digital age, online courses (like the ones Lumify Learn offers) offer a flexible and accessible route to acquiring new skills. Your child can explore diverse subjects, from coding to creative arts, enhancing their knowledge and adaptability. Online learning is a versatile option, allowing graduates to tailor their educational journey to their interests and career goals.

Online courses also have many benefits for your child’s personal and professional development. They can learn at their own pace, schedule, and location, without compromising on quality or support. They can interact with instructors and peers from different backgrounds and cultures, broadening their perspectives and networks. They can also showcase their achievements and credentials to potential employers or academic institutions, boosting their confidence and opportunities.

Why Not Encourage Your Child to Take a Lumify Learn Course?

At Lumify Learn, we offer several nationally accredited IT courses and vendor-certified boot camps in the following areas:

All of our courses can be done 100% online, so your child can balance their studies with their personal and other commitments. They will even be taught by trainers and mentors who will not just tackle the lessons, but also ensure that your child will get the necessary experience that they can apply in the real world.

Finally, completing a course with us could make your child eligible for a 33% % credit towards a Bachelor in IT degree course in select universities in Australia. Through our Lumify Edge program, we can connect them with potential employers and internship opportunities in the IT industry.

If you want to understand how your child can succeed after graduating from high school, download our latest eBook here.

Help your child gain the real-world experience they need. Enquire with us on a course today.

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