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Digital marketing encompasses all the tools, platforms, and strategies used to build brand or product awareness on the internet. These include social media channels, company websites, e-mail communications, and SEO optimisation. Companies will typically leverage all the channels (free and paid) at their disposal to amplify their reach, connect with their target audiences best, and tap into new markets normally inaccessible through traditional marketing means.

Lumify Learn currently offers a Growth Marketing Professional course, training aspiring experts in an innovative new area of digital marketing. Students will learn to optimise the digital marketing process by adopting a data-driven, “experimental” mindset through varying research, copywriting, storytelling, and analytical methods. You’ll learn to apply marketing strategies throughout the customer funnel – from awareness to referral – building upon both brand presence and customer engagement.

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Why Study Digital Marketing?

With the internet now a staple in our everyday lives, the world has never been more connected. On top of simplifying our personal communications, such developments have greatly benefited general business – making customer service, reach, and engagement easier than it’s ever been.

Through the right hashtags, social media channels, and e-mail strategies, markets that were once “invisible” or out of reach are now conveniently accessible. These digital marketing tools have helped broaden customer bases, along with ways of regularly engaging and retaining these newly-tapped audiences.

As our businesses shift even further into the digital realm, online marketing methods will grow ever more necessary for future brand and product campaigns. ACMA research shows that nearly every Australian adult (99%) now has access to the internet, with our user population set to exceed 23.3 million by 2025 (according to Statista). Companies have thus never been more incentivized to make use of where most of their customers can now be found: online.

It's not just for building exposure, either. In a landscape increasingly reliant on online services and communication, digital marketing means can help companies interact, support, and care for their clients through flexible online tools. It’s a sector that not only benefits business profits, but that of customer convenience, too.

Of course, the right skills, experience, and technical knowledge are still required to fully optimise these opportunities. With internet usage facing exponential growth in time – both among individuals and businesses – demand for these talents are only bound to skyrocket. In fact, IBISWorld statistics show that the digital advertising industry has grown by 7.8% per year between 2017 and 2022; and the latest data from the IAB Australia Online Advertising Expenditure Report (OAER) reveals a 35.8% spending growth in total online advertising during 2021, hitting almost $13 billion AUD in expenses.

Organisations evidently value the impact of digital marketing, and investment in the field shows no signs of slowing. Those studying for the profession will thus find plenty of employment opportunity upon entering the job market, with the average salary currently sitting at $70,000 AUD per year (according to Payscale statistics). Such earnings will likely increase as experience grows, with some of the highest-paid earning over $157,000 AUD annually.

On top of high employment demand, industry entrants will also likely find plenty of specialised roles to choose from. The more creatively-inclined may lean towards work in social media or content management – while those more data-driven and analytical may fare best in SEO, AI, and UX-related roles. Depending on your interests or personality, you’re bound to find a role suited to you.

Additionally, with most of your tasks taking place online, there are plenty of opportunities to work flexibly in this sector, such as through freelance, remote, or part-time roles.

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