Lumify Edge

Lumify Edge is designed to provide our students with the tools they need to launch a fulfilling and well-paid IT career. This 3-step program bridges the gap between learning and earning.

Rebranding: Our professional resume and portfolio services ensure that our students are recognised by future employers as top candidates in the industry.

Lumify Edge Portal: Access jobs and internships available through our partner network

Internships: Apply to our Study & Work internship program to gain real-world experience. Boost your skills, confidence and career prospects.

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Lumify Edge
Develop Your Professional Brand

We'll assist you with:
- Developing the perfect resume
- Writing a Tailored cover letter
- Creating a knock-out LinkedIn Profile
- Interview preparation & Job Search strategy

Access to exclusive Job Portal

Gain access to:
- Featured jobs
- Lumify Group Industry Partners network
- Organisations actively hiring
- Exclusive candidate pool

Internship with Study & Work

Get the opportunity to:
- Apply to IT-based internships through our exclusive Job Portal
- Increase your employability by gaining practical experience

Introducing Lumify Edge

Lumify Learn is known for our leading range of Bootcamps, and nationally recognised Certificates and Diplomas that provide quality vendor certified and nationally-accredited ICT training. But we understand that gaining qualifications is just the start for our students.

What comes next is just as important – finding a rewarding and fulfilling career in IT. That’s why we’ve launched Lumify Edge, designed to help you put your best foot forward as you look to get your IT career started, or to turn your new qualification into a new job.

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The tools you need to succeed

We understand that it can be a daunting process to venture into the job market. Whether you are starting a new career in IT, or using your Lumify Learn qualification to secure a new career opportunity, it can be hard to know where to start. Until now.

Lumify Learn has developed the Lumify Edge to support our students transition from Learning to Earning. These are the 3 key stages of the Lumify Edge. They start when our students have reached the last stage of their studies.

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Develop Your Personal Brand

Ensuring our students are ‘on brand’ and recognised as skilled IT Professional by recruiters, HR managers and future employers will fast track their job search strategy. The Lumify Edge provides 1-1 support for rebranding through resume writing and updating LinkedIn profiles. Re-branding is key to:

  • Establishing credibility and expertise in the IT Industry

  • Attracting networking opportunities

  • Attracting potential employers.

Our professional resume writers can provide the following:

  • Industry and HR ready resume

  • Professional Cover Letter

  • Create a professional LinkedIn profile

  • Guide on job search strategies and interviews.

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Lumify Edge Portal

This exclusive Portal brings together Lumify Learn students, and businesses and recruiters looking for IT talent. Lumify Learn graduates can promote themselves to potential employers, and apply for jobs advertised by Lumify Learn Industry Partners. What’s more, as we are part the Lumify Group, students will have access to our corporate clients who are on the look our for new digital skills talent.

Study and Work

Study and Work

Internships: in partnership with Study and Work, Lumify Learn are excited to offer unpaid internship opportunities to our students. Study and Work place on average 400 interns every year in Australian, with more than 50% converting their internship into employment. Internships are a fantastic way for our student to start their new career in IT. What type of internships are available:

  • Up to 3 months unpaid

  • 3-5 days per weeks (give interns flexibility to manage family or other work commitments)

  • Online or in person

Partnered with the World's best!

Matthew O
Not long before I started my ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking), I landed a job as an ICT Support Assistant. The company I work for develops a variety of advanced software and hardware services which are used to support the Australian Defence organisation, and our allies, whilst also working to develop solutions in the civil domain world-wide. Prior to starting this role, I would struggle to turn on a computer. Although my role didn’t require any technical knowledge (as this would be taught on the job), it was clear that I could excel in my career if I had a good understanding of the ICT domain. So began the search to learn all I could in this new world to help me both upskill and open new opportunities.Initially I started the same course with TAFE SA, and after having surgery that didn’t go to plan, it was a struggle to get an exemption for my deadlines without having to wait another 6-8 months for the next course. Seeing as I was keen to learn, I decided to resign from TAFE and started researching other organisations that could offer me what I needed. I eventually stumbled upon Lumify Learn, and after a sending off a quick e-mail I received a phone call from their office where we discussed what I was after and how we could make this work. The ability to study at your own pace, and have a one-on-one discussion with your tutor every week made this perfect for what I needed.I haven’t looked back since starting here and can honestly say I am amazed at how flexible and easy it is to work with Lumify Learn, especially when I’m working full time, and have very little spare time up my sleeves. Again, no deadlines, working with-in my time, having a tutor that is more than willing to be available for you when I’m traveling on business trips is just incredible. It’s clear that the business is more focused on you achieving your goals, and making it work for you than just a commission.Since starting the CERT IV I have learnt more than I thought I could in the time I’ve been studying. I have moved up from a ICT support assistant to a Field Applications Engineer where I travel the world integrating and deploying cutting edge software to our clients. Lumify Learn have given me a deep understanding on how everything works, and Daniel (my tutor) delves into more information about what I’m learning to help me grasp an even better understanding.I would recommend this course for so many reasons. Mainly the one-on-one tutoring, it makes it feel as if Lumify Learn are actually willing to help in any way possible and are more than happy to adapt their techniques or whatever they need to too suit you. I also love the flexibility to study, I currently work on average 45-60 hours a week, and trying to find time to study can be hard. Having no deadlines, but a tutor that will make sure you’re on track is exactly what I need.
Matthew O
ICT40120 - Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking

Frequently asked questions

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Invitation to opt-in will be visible in your Studyspot (Learning Management System) as you commence your last certification or upon program completion.

The services provided in Lumify Edge are at no extra cost to our Lumify Learn graduates.

Once your professional identity portfolio is ready as advised by our service provider, student will be given access to the Lumify Edge portal where all jobs are visible. The portal searches for jobs from Seek and Indeed. Employers can advertise direct into the portal. This saves your time searching different websites.

Job hunting process is different for each individual. Lumify Edge’s commitment is to provide resources and connect our students with partners that will help you build your professional identity and take you through the interview preparation process. You will apply all that you have learned from our partners to increase your chances of getting your dream job.

All students who would like to access Study and Work internship opportunities must be enrolled in our Lumify Edge program.

Student to complete Stages 1 and 2 of the Lumify Edge program and then will be able to apply to internships through our exclusive Lumify Edge portal. Learn more about internships.

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