Should You Pursue a Career in Marketing?

By Michelle Tran  |  February 10, 2021

As an industry of continuous growth, innovation, and demand. Australia’s marketing field has been a long-time attractive career path for many. Integral to all businesses, regardless of industry – the sector is only set to grow in employment, forecasting an annual growth of 2.2% between 2021-2022 (nearly double the 1.5% annual growth rate for the overall Australian workforce).

This bodes further opportunities (and the possibility for new roles and specialisations) for aspiring marketers in the coming years. Additionally, training for the field has never been more encouraged, as those with a postgraduate qualification are expected increase their earning potential, with average annual incomes estimated at around $150,431 AUD.

Those seeking stable, fulfilling employment may just find their ideal role in marketing, though of course – as with all professions – the industry may be better suited to specific skills, experiences, and personality traits over others.

We explore the common criteria for a successful marketing career below, and how training with Lumify Learn can help.

You’re interested (or have experience in) digital media

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In an age of e-commerce and social media, digital expertise and experience are must for all marketers. The internet has allowed companies to extend their audience reach through its various social tools, channels, and platforms; requiring those in the marketing field to get onboard. Such technologies help businesses achieve more accurate, targeted marketing – or carry out online campaigns to broaden their customer base.

Those with social media and general web expertise are thus best fit to succeed in the marketing field, as these skills allow for greater agility alongside unpredictable industry trends. The 2020 pandemic, for example, drove multiple companies out of business – but those who maintained their sales and marketing activity through online platforms managed to achieve relative stability.

Additionally, marketers must be proficient in leveraging automation tools, helping them streamline and optimise their processes. Marketing automation effectively shifts one’s focus from mundane, repetitive tasks to more complex, creativity-driven ones – boosting productivity, efficiency, and frequent innovation.

Though an ultimately business-focused sector, being tech-savvy and skilled across social media platforms is a sharp advantage in the marketing field. In fact, an Economist Intelligence Unit survey of 500 industry executives showed that 40% sought technological marketing skills, compared to only 26% after advertising and branding skills, and 16% after “traditional” creative skills (i.e. graphic design).

You’re a sharp (and creative) communicator

to women discussing over coffee

Influential communication is the heart of marketing, so if you enjoy engaging with others, building positive business relationships, and possess the talents of persuasion – you’re bound to find success in the field.

Successful marketers create craft clear, convincing messages – whether through phone, text, or face-to-face conversation. With the right words and presentation, marketers capture a brand’s target audience, build a trusted connection, and successfully sell them on the company’s product or service. Job Outlook’s employment profile of advertising and marketing professionals actually cites “persuasion” as the top skill to have in the industry, alongside proficiency in English and excellent customer service.

Marketing also relies on excellent communicators to translate technical jargon into plain language. Potential customers are likely not as fluent in same industry terms and lingo you’re familiar with, so it’s important to tailor your message as necessary.

Varying social platforms may also have their unique ways of communicating (i.e. marketing copy on Twitter may look very different to that of LinkedIn, for example). Combining one’s social media prowess and messaging skills is thus crucial to creating adaptive marketing strategies.

Finally, an eye for visual communication is a must, as much of the field relies on quality designs and aesthetics to capture potential audiences. Those with skills or experience in graphic design are therefore best-equipped to compete for lucrative roles in the marketing industry.

You like working with numbers and data

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If you have a knack for research and data analysis, marketing may just have the ideal opportunities you’re after.

Along with eloquent words and attractive design, marketers must also deal with complex data and statistics surrounding their industry. Such information can be both qualitative (i.e. subjective responses to your product via surveys, social media replies, and brand reviews) and quantitative (i.e. hard numbers showcasing sales, website clicks, and conversions).

This is tied to the analytical research needed to determine consumer needs, demands, and other trending activity. Careful marketing strategies are then crafted around this analysis, though these experts must also have the agility to change course according to evolving market patterns. Similarly, data analysis is also used to measure the success of marketing campaigns, offering insight into what’s working and what isn’t – and helping marketers improve future initiatives as necessary.

Those familiar with common analytical tools have a competitive edge on the job market, as digital platforms such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Sprout Social are typically relied on for faster, automated insights and performance tracking.

Deloitte predicts these skills to become an “increasingly important” aspect of marketing in the coming years, as we continue to generate massive volumes of digital data each day. Recruitment specialists, Hays, further outlines demand for such skills by stating that a “sole traditional skillset is no longer viable in today’s market… candidates must be able to map the customer journey and then tailor marketing campaigns accordingly.”

You’re a continuous learner

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Finally, successful marketers thrive on a “lifelong learner” mindset, as the industry faces constant changes, developments, and shifting consumer demands.

Professionals must be willing to continuously update their skillset – whether it’s to learn new content strategies, SEO techniques, or methods of lead generation. With technology advancing at a rapid rate, they must also have the drive to consistently explore new digital tools, such as new automation software or social media platforms.

Additionally, marketers must work on broader, field-related skills such as copywriting, sales, and subject matter expertise. Continuously refining their soft skills can also help them expand their professional networks and nurture positive business relationships.

In a sector only set to grow more competitive, professionals must be capable of keeping pace with new trends and data-driven practices. Investing in additional training can help, as individuals can equip themselves with the latest skills, knowledge, and qualifications to maintain relevant marketing expertise. Plenty of online options are now available, helping those employed effectively build their skills while tending to other work-related commitments.

Ready for a marketing career? Build your skills with Lumify Learn today!

As mentioned, the drive for continuous training and skills development is crucial to success in the marketing field.

Lumify Learn currently offers a specialised Growth Marketing Professional (GMP) course, where professionals can build or enhance their skills in both qualitative and quantitative marketing areas. Students will explore critical subjects of digital marketing, data analytics, web optimisation, customer success management, and more – training them to become effective, analytical storytellers and communicators.

Best of all, the program is delivered completely online, helping current employees build their skills around work commitments and personal schedules.

Launch an exciting career path in the marketing field today – and get in touch with our experts.

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