Why is 2024 the Perfect Time to Start Your IT Career?

By Lumify Learn Team  |  July 19, 2023

Are you looking for a way to break free from the monotony and limitations of your current career where you’re doing the same things over and over again? Do you wish to explore new possibilities and grow your career and earning potential? If so, you might want to consider joining the IT industry. Information Technology is one of the most diverse and rewarding industries in the world, offering a range of options and challenges for anyone who loves or wants to explore the world of technology.

In this blog, we will give you five reasons why 2024 is the perfect time to start your IT career. We will also show you why Lumify Learn is the best online IT training provider for career changers in Australia like you.

The demand for IT professionals is increasing

The IT industry is currently experiencing rapid growth and transformation as new technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and robotics change the way we work, learn, and live. In fact, Gartner forecasts that worldwide IT spending will reach $4.6 trillion in 2023, an increase of 5.1% from 2022. This growth is driven by enterprises and the public sector pushing forward with digital business initiatives in response to economic turmoil.

Some of the high-demand IT jobs and skills in Australia include cyber security analyst, cloud engineer, data scientist, and systems administrator. These jobs and skills require the ability to design, develop, test, implement, and maintain systems or solutions that use digital technologies to solve problems, improve performance, or create value for various industries and domains.

As such, the demand for IT professionals will continue to grow in the future. This means that there are many opportunities for people who want to pursue a career in IT or upgrade their existing skills. It also means that employers need to invest in attracting, retaining, and developing IT talent to meet their business needs and stay competitive in the digital economy.

The IT industry pays well and offers good benefits

The IT industry is also one of the most lucrative and rewarding industries to work in due to its competitive salaries, bonuses, and rewards for its workers. For example, according to SEEK, web developers earn an average of $90,000, while cyber security analysts and cloud computing engineers make around $110,000 and $135,000, respectively. These figures could increase even more as one’s experience grows.

Besides high salaries, IT professionals can also enjoy numerous benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and educational assistance. These can provide you with financial stability, personal well-being, and professional development.

So this 2024, expect plenty of opportunities to earn a great income and enjoy a fulfilling career in the IT industry. Whether you are a beginner already have some experience with technology, there is always something new to learn and create in this dynamic and innovative field.

The IT industry offers flexibility and diversity

Joining the IT field offers unparalleled flexibility, as you can choose your location, schedule, and scope of work. Whether you prefer to work remotely, in an office, or a mix of both, you can find an IT job that suits your lifestyle and preferences. You can also choose from a variety of projects, clients, and domains that match your interests and goals.

Working as a freelance web developer, for example, would allow you to create websites for different businesses around the world. Working as a data analyst for a health care company, meanwhile, would enable you to help them improve their services and outcomes. Alternatively, you could work as a digital transformation specialist for a non-profit organisation and help them leverage technology to achieve their mission. All these options and more are possible with a career in IT, where you can work remotely or have flexible hours to suit your personal and family needs.

Moreover, you can experience diversity in people and cultures by working in the IT industry. You can team up with IT professionals from Australia and other countries like as the US and Singapore, and benefit from their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

The IT industry is dynamic and innovative

The IT sector is constantly evolving and adapting to new challenges and trends, as new technologies emerge and transform the world. By working in the IT industry, you can always learn new skills, tools, and methods to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the field. You can also use your creativity and problem-solving abilities to innovate and create innovative solutions that can benefit various industries and domains.

Some of the latest trends and developments in the IT field are quantum computing, robotics, cyber security, cleantech, and AI. These technologies have the potential to revolutionise fields such as health care, manufacturing, energy, education, and entertainment. Quantum computing can enable faster and more complex calculations, while robotics can automate tasks and enhance productivity. On the other hand, cyber security can protect data and systems from threats, while cleantech can reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability. AI can even learn from data and perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.

The IT industry is rewarding and fulfilling

Lastly, the IT sector enables you to create a positive impact on society, the environment, and yourself. With your IT skills, you can not only solve problems, create solutions, and support communities, but also find meaning, purpose, satisfaction, and recognition in your work. They can even help you grow personally and professionally, as you develop your competencies and capabilities.

For instance, you can use your skills to provide people with quality health care options, such as telemedicine platforms, online consultations, and wearable devices. You can also leverage them to enhance students’ learning outcomes with online courses and adaptive learning systems, or to optimise businesses’ performance and productivity with cloud computing, data analytics, and digital transformation.

Switch to an IT career this 2024 with Lumify Learn

If you’re interested in starting an IT career next year, it’s important to gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. This is where Lumify Learn can help. Lumify Learn offers various courses in web development, cyber security, digital marketing, cloud computing, and more. Classes are conducted by expert trainers and mentors 100% online, which means that you can balance your studies with your personal and professional commitments.

And once you complete your course, you can access Lumify Edge, an exclusive membership program that trains and links graduates with job openings focused on the most sought-after digital skills in corporate Australia. Lumify Learn is also a part of Lumify Group, Australasia's leading IT training provider that delivers on the full spectrum of IT training for individuals and businesses. This allows you to leverage the Group’s broad experience and expertise in IT training and certification.

Make 2024 the best year ever for your career. Enquire with us on a course today.

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