Meet the Team

Courses aligned to in-demand jobs and leading global vendors

Our leadership team is among the most experienced in the IT education and training industry. Backed by the leadership of Lumify Group, Lumify Learn boasts a dedicated team of passionate and experienced industry professionals who are focused on equipping students with the knowledge and skills to excel in their IT careers.

Jon Lang – CEO, DDLS
Jon Lang
CEO, Lumify Group
Jon is CEO of Lumify Group (previously known as DDLS)  and brings with him extensive experience at the executive level. Jon is tasked with supporting the Lumify Learn team to drive towards an innovative and successful future.
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Josh Cameron
General Manager
In his role as the General Manager (GM) of Lumify Learn, Josh spearheads a team committed to delivering top-notch, flexible, and sought-after training courses that cater to the ever-changing demands of the market.
Shanil Sharma
Shanil Sharma
Training Manager
Shanil, an experienced project and training manager in IT, brings 20 years of expertise. He innovates VET, develops teaching methods, and fosters industry connections, ensuring Lumify Learn's VET Program's sustainability and community engagement.
Luci Setoue | Digital Product Manager
Luci Setoue
Digital Product Manager
Luci has a keen eye for detail and uses data to make informed decisions that create solutions for complex problems. Her analytical skills enable her to derive useful insights to optimise business performance.
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Yusuf Pingar
Head of Marketing
Yusuf leads Lumify Group’s marketing strategies across all brands and markets. He is a seasoned marketing leader with a proven track record of driving brand awareness and sales growth for businesses in the fintech, EdTech, SaaS, and telecom industries.