Growth Marketing Manager

Explore the daily responsibilities, required skills, and salary potential of a growth marketing manager. Discover industry statistics surrounding job growth, common qualifications, and main sectors of employment.


Growth marketing managers are responsible for tracking, analysing, and recording important business data, using these insights to identify specific metrics to improve, then executing the appropriate growth initiatives. This could include information on customer demand, demographics, engagement, and common problem areas.

With the right data, managers select specific business areas to test new growth strategies. Should tests be performed within a product, growth marketing managers may work with the development team to implement the necessary changes. Alongside devising growth initiatives, these professionals also communicate their customer insights to relevant stakeholders; helping departments navigate through current trends and recurring issues.

These professionals typically report to the CEO of a company, the head of their marketing department, and the head of the product management. They also commonly possess skills in analytics, engineering, design, operations, and digital marketing.

As a subset of digital marketing managers, growth marketing managers can look forward to plenty of future opportunity. According to SEEK statistics, the industry is projected to experience a 21.7% job growth in the next five years.

Key Skills

  • Data analytics skills for gathering, organising, and analysing market insights

  • Critical thinking skills to create structured action plans from gathered data

  • Acquisition skills – such as experience with affiliate marketing, content marketing, and SEO-optimised content

  • Prioritisation skills for organising and managing multiple growth experiments

  • Excellent communication skills for liaising with other managers, departments, and external stakeholders

  • Creative problem-solving skills for developing innovative growth initiatives

Quick Facts

Growth marketing managers can find work in most regions of Australia, with New South Wales and Victoria currently holding the largest share of workers. Weekly salary potential is currently higher ($1,737) than the all job average ($1,460) with most employees working full time.

Salary Range

$56,000 - $119,000 (Median: $82,000)*

*Source: Payscale

Average Weekly Hours

44 hours (vs. all jobs average of 44 hours)*

*Source: Job Outlook

Main Industries

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services; Wholesale Trade; and Retail Trade

Most Common Qualification Level

49.5% hold a Bachelor’s Degree


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*Sources: and – All information is to be used as a guide only, and are accurate at the time of publication.