ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology
(Systems Administration Support)

15 months
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20 units / 4 streams
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Course overview

The ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Systems Administration Support) offers a comprehensive foundation of knowledge and highly sought-after skills that prepare you for various IT support roles. This course equips you with the proficiency to configure, troubleshoot, and maintain computer systems and applications. 

The units focused on systems administration support will provide you with the necessary knowledge to assess the status of running systems, covering both hardware and software aspects. This evaluation will enable you to ensure security, performance, and reliability, thereby ensuring efficient operation. 

By enrolling in this certificate, you have the opportunity to develop valuable skills in problem-solving and system maintenance, which are in high demand in the IT industry. Whether you aspire to pursue a career in system administration or simply want to enhance your skills, this certificate serves as an ideal starting point for your professional growth.

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Course Structure

ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Systems Administration Support)
15 months
100% online learning
20 units / 4 streams
Unit codeUnit name
ICTICT426Identify and evaluate emerging technologies and practices
ICTICT443Work collaboratively in the ICT industry
ICTPRG302Apply introductory programming techniques
ICTNWK422Install and manage servers
ICTNWK420Install and configure virtual machines
Unit codeUnit name
ICTSAS442Provide first-level remote help desk support
ICTSAS432Identify and resolve client ICT problems
ICTSAS446Fault find and troubleshoot ICT equipment, hardware and software problems
BSBCRT404Apply advanced critical thinking to work processes
ICTICT451Comply with IP, ethics and privacy policies in ICT environments
Unit codeUnit name
ICTICT445Connect and configure devices and hardware components
ICTNWK427Configure desktop environments
ICTSAS441Support ICT system software
ICTSAS443Support operating system users and troubleshoot applications
ICTSAS436Evaluate ICT system status
Unit codeUnit name
ICTSAS438Implement maintenance procedures
ICTICT440Develop service level agreements
BSBXCS404Contribute to cyber security risk management
ICTICT424Address cyber security requirements
ICTPMG411Support small scale ICT projects


While no formal prerequisites are required, it is beneficial for students to have a basic understanding of information technology concepts and some familiarity with networking principles. This prior knowledge or experience can greatly contribute to the student's ability to fully comprehend and apply the course material effectively.

Professional Experience:The student may already be working in an IT role and looking to build their networking skills- to take on new responsibilities at work or for a promotion.
Personal Experience:Students demonstrate a genuine passion for IT, often serving as the go-to person for friends and family regarding IT issues or engaging in IT-related projects at home.
Demonstrated Skills:Students who can demonstrate their skills and experience in the IT skills and knowledge covered in the ICT30120 Certificate III in Information Technology course (insert link to course here) will find themselves well-prepared for this program.
Self-discipline and time management skills:Online learning requires students to be self-directed and disciplined in managing their time. They need to be able to set their own schedules, meet deadlines, and stay motivated to complete their coursework.
Access to technology and reliable Internet connection:Students will need access to a computer, a reliable Internet connection to participate in online courses.
Flexibility:Online learning provides more flexibility than traditional classroom-based courses, but students still need to be able to balance their academic responsibilities with their personal and professional commitments.
Computer Skills:If you are confident using search engines, social media, digital communication (eg. emails and video calls), then you have the computer skills to study online.
Study Skills:The course will require you to use your communication, research, collaboration, technical and critical thinking/ problem solving skills. This is all part of the learning journey and building your confidence in both IT and study.

The ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Systems Administration Support) is tailored for individuals seeking practical skills and knowledge to support, manage, and maintain computer systems in a business environment. This course is suitable for:

Entry-level IT professionals:This certificate serves as a strong foundation for individuals starting their IT careers, providing comprehensive insights into computer systems administration.
IT support personnel:Those already employed in IT support roles can expand their skill set and deepen their knowledge in systems administration through this course.
Small business owners:If you own a small business and wish to take control of your IT systems, this course equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage and maintain your computer systems.
Professionals considering a career change: Individuals contemplating a transition into IT systems administration can benefit from this course, as it provides the fundamental knowledge needed to embark on a new career path.

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Plenty of workers in the IT support field carry a vocational education and training (VET) qualification. According to Labour Market Insights, 32.4% hold either a Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma qualification. Pursuing such training is often recommended for this field, as it equips you with the essentials in IT management and client support while verifying your skills as “industry standard” for the job market.

Additionally, VET qualifications are typically highly flexible and are completed in a shorter timeframe compared to traditional degrees – quickly arming you with the job-ready skills you need to start pursuing job opportunities. Lumify Learn is an example of training provider that offers such credentials through flexible online courses.

Apprenticeships and traineeships are also available in this field, allowing you to train on-the-job towards a qualification. Such pathways are also favoured for their ability to offer formal training while giving you a first-hand look into the actual industry and work environment.

The field of IT support is dedicated to providing a company’s users, clients, and/or customers with the assistance they need to effectively use, manage, and maintain their ICT hardware and software. Those in this profession will typically spend their time answering inquiries and support requests over the phone, through e-mails, or via instant messaging, helping diagnose and resolve technical problems. They may then compile reports about these issues for business review.

On top of remote assistance, IT support specialists may also help in physically installing and configuring a company’s hardware, software, network systems, and peripheral equipment (i.e. printers and scanners). They may also be responsible for repairing and upgrading technology as necessary, as well testing any new equipment introduced. Plenty of IT support professionals also perform regular maintenance of computer systems by monitoring their performance and assessing any potential risks or vulnerabilities.

Depending on your role in the industry, you may also be tasked with training company staff to properly use the IT tools and systems at their disposal. The sector is thus heavily client-facing, relying on workers having excellent customer service skills.

Lumify Learn’s IT support courses will explore all the essentials of providing ICT-related client assistance, including:

  • Providing first-level, remote help desk support

  • Troubleshooting IT equipment, hardware, and software

  • Identifying and reporting online security threats

  • Troubleshooting applications and OS users

  • Server/network installation, management, and maintenance

Additionally, you’ll explore other specialised areas of cyber security and networking. The potential skills you’ll build may include:

  • Network systems administration

  • Introductory programming

  • Cyber security risk management

  • Developing simple web pages

We have a mix of both nationally recognised courses and globally recognised vendor certifications. Nationally recognised qualifications can be identified with the Nationally Recognised Training logo. The Vendor Certifications will show the vendor name eg. Microsoft, AWS, CompTIA

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