ICT Systems Administrator

Learn about the key skills and education required to pursue a career in ICT systems administration. Explore Australian statistics on industry growth, salary potential, and employment opportunities across the country.


ICT systems administrators are responsible for the maintenance and management of a company’s computer systems; ensuring all elements are operating reliably. These include computer networks and any related environments – such as hardware, applications and systems software, and any configurations involved.

Those in the role perform regular check-ups on system infrastructure and security, diagnosing and correcting any issues they may encounter. They additionally provide technical systems support across their organisation, installing patches or upgrades as needed.

Employment for ICT systems administrators is expected to grow in the coming years – from 43,900 in 2018 to 47,300 in 2023.

Key Skills

  • Excellent communication skills for providing technical support; as well as liaising with suppliers, security vendors, and service providers

  • An advanced knowledge of computers and electronics and how to ensure maximum performance

  • Writing comprehension skills for preparing and maintaining systems documentation

  • A keen eye for problem-spotting during troubleshooting procedures

  • Ability to coordinate and work with others to meet requirements

  • High-level knowledge of security practices and backup procedures

Quick Facts

The field of ICT systems administrators is a large one, with a weekly salary potential much higher than the all-jobs average. Most work full-time hours, with employment opportunities across most, if not all, regions of Australia.

Salary Range

$51,000 - $92,000 (Median: $69,000)*

Average Weekly Hours

41 hours (vs. all jobs average of 44 hours)*

Main Industries

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services; Public Administration and Safety; and Financial and Insurance Services

Most Common Qualification Level

38.3% hold a Bachelor’s Degree*


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*Sources: payscale.com.au and joboutlook.gov.au – All information is to be used as a guide only, and are accurate at the time of publication.