Can you earn a Diploma of Information Technology online?

By Michelle Tran  |  May 18, 2020

With continuous, rapid growth in Australia’s IT industry, it’s no surprise the field has become a popular choice for formal study or further training.

In fact, a 2018 Deloitte report recorded a total of 663,100 workers in the country’s ICT workforce in 2017 – up by 3.5% from the 640,800 in the previous year. This number is only projected to grow in the coming years, with an expected high of 758,700 by 2023.

As the field continues evolving, and employment is set to soar, there’s no better time than now to pursue the world of IT. Plenty of training providers across Australia currently offer courses in various sectors of the industry; from certificate-level qualifications to graduate diplomas. Most also provide the option of completing their courses completely online.

Below, we explore how you can earn a Diploma of Information Technology – and (given our current climate) how to do so through an all-online experience.

What is a Diploma of Information Technology?

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MySkills defines a Diploma of Information Technology as a qualification that trains its students in general ICT technologies; equipping them with the skills to administer and manage information as well as offer support to small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs).

Those holding this qualification are typically trained in broader, rather than specific, skills in ICT. Graduates are generally able to apply high-level ICT skills in areas such as IT support, database development, web development, programming, and networking.

According to MySkills, IT diplomas also typically have a course duration of one year, with an 84% satisfaction rate among its students. 51.5% of graduates reported an improvement in work status after their training – this including acquiring a new job, starting or expanding a business, a promotion, higher-skilled tasks, or higher pay.

Upon graduating, students earned a median salary of $47,700 in their first full-time job. Graduates are also most often employed as professionals, technicians and trade workers, or labourers. The topmost-employing industries are (in order): information media and telecommunications, retail trade, and the professional scientific, and technical services field.

If this sounds like your ideal qualification, how do you acquire it online?

Studying a Diploma of Information Technology online

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Australia currently offers hundreds of online courses across its many thriving industries. With information technology as one of the country’s leading fields (and its abundant use of digital and virtual technologies) – the sector is ripe with online training opportunity.

Acquiring your qualification online gives you the freedom and flexibility to form a study schedule that suits you best; helping you gain your desired skills while tending to other personal needs or work commitments. All you need is a computer and a stable internet connection – and you’re able to receive the qualified training and resources a physical classroom provides.

When studying a Diploma of Information Technology online; quality, trusted providers will match you with industry-recognised ICT trainers who actively support you throughout your educational journey. These experts keep in touch and advise you through your course through online communication tools such as SMS, Skype, and online forums.

Depending on your provider, you’ll also gain access to generous e-libraries of course-related publications, videos, and other training materials. Online learning portals are typically provided to centralise the learning experience; giving you a web-based digital environment to connect with trainers, peers, recorded lectures, and other course resources at any time, anywhere.

You may also be able to transfer credits to your course through recognition of prior learning (RPL) – which count eligible previous study or work experience. This way, you’ll get to fast-track the study process, gaining you your diploma in no time.

Connecting with other IT students online

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Given that the IT industry already holds much of its tasks and communications online; completing your diploma in a virtual classroom shouldn’t be much of a challenge. However, many find it difficult to network or form new, professional relationships without the convenience of a physical classroom or campus.

While it may take a tad more effort than in a traditional classroom, take the time to reach out to other fellow students through your course’s online portal or discussion forums. You can then expand on these connections through social media. This helps you form new friendships easily, and grants you the valuable connections you need beyond graduation.

Thankfully, the IT industry is also known for its abundance in active, online communities, helping you reach out to other aspiring professionals from around the globe. Websites such as Spiceworks, StackOverflow,, and GitHub allow you to participate in various tech-based discussions, collaborate on open-source projects, and even take part in face-to-face group meetups.

You can even choose to join an association to further your connections and access to valuable learning materials. Australia, in particular, has the Australian Computer Society – the nation’s largest ICT community. Individuals can join as a professional or student; this membership helps you develop your network, join national events or special interest groups, and gain exclusive access to industry content while completing your IT diploma.

Earn your Diploma of Information Technology with Lumify Learn

So, thinking of pursuing that IT diploma online?

At Lumify Learn, aspiring IT professionals can acquire their industry-recognised diploma qualification with the freedom and flexibility of an innovative, all-online learning platform.

Powered by the Lumify Group, Lumify Learn prides in being a national leading provider of online IT training.

Those who undertake our Diploma of Information Technology course will be trained in the foundational skills of key IT areas, including networkingsecurity, and web development – as well as the administration and management of various ICT hardware and software. Students will additionally gain proficiency in implementing and managing multiple ICT systems, including Microsoft Server Operating Systems, Linux Operating Systems, and virtualisation platforms.

Graduates can go on to pursue career opportunities such as an ICT system managerICT systems administrator, and an ICT project manager.

The program is led by experts of the IT field, who ensure that you not only receive industry-standard training and knowledge, but the support and guidance you need to complete your required subjects. Lumify Learn further provides all students with an interactive, online learning portal to connect with course peers, spur discussions over coursework and assessments, and contact our Student Support Team for additional assistance.

Though completely online, you’ll never truly feel “alone” as you pursue your diploma qualification. Our virtual structure also enables you to start whenever you're ready; alleviating the pressure of restrictive schedules typically set by TAFE and traditional universities.

Taught by industry professionals with flexible, online delivery – our Diploma of Information Technology can train you in the work-ready IT skills you need to build a career; and all from the comfort of your own home.

Get your start in Australia’s ever-growing IT industry, and enquire with us on a course today.

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