How Lumify Learn’s partnership with Study and Work can help IT students gain experience

By Lumify Learn Team  |  April 19, 2023

Scoring a first job can be a daunting task for those who are about to graduate. Normally, many employers require experience. But how can students even gain experience if they haven’t even entered the workforce yet? That’s where internships can help.

Internships can provide valuable real-world experience, give you a foot in the door at a company, and help you build your professional network. But how do you find the right internship, and how do you make the most of the opportunity once you have it?

We at Lumify Learn understand this dilemma perfectly. That’s why as part of Lumify Edge, we have partnered with career management and recruitment agency Study and Work to deliver internship programs for IT students. This way, you can gain relevant and valuable work experience and develop the skills you need to succeed in the fast-paced and ever-changing IT industry.

What is Study and Work? 

Study and Work is an organisation that is exclusively dedicated to empowering students with the tools and resources they need to gain valuable work experience and pursue worthwhile careers in the rapidly evolving IT industry.

Thanks to its extensive network of employers and tailored career support offerings, Study and Work can help students find the right opportunities and make better decisions about their careers. In fact, the company has placed over 5,000 interns in more than 5,000 organisations since 2007. Additionally, the company places around 400 interns in companies every year. The best part? More than 50% of Study and Work’s interns get hired by the companies they work for during or after they complete their internships, making them an invaluable resource for launching successful careers in the IT industry.

How does the Study and Work partnership with Lumify Learn work? 

Lumify Learn's Lumify Edge program has three stages that students can go through that will help them gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to jumpstart their career in the IT industry:

  • Stages 1 and 2: These stages are about rebranding, which involves preparing students for their new career. For instance, we will help you create or revamp your LinkedIn profile, improve your resume, answer potential interview questions, and develop your professional brand. This will help students stand out in the competitive job market and present themselves as a strong candidate.

  • Stage 3: This stage involves gaining real-world experience. Study and Work steps in to provide students with IT internships. This way, they gain real work experience that will make them appear appealing to employers.

Under the partnership, students can avail themselves of up to 3 months of unpaid internship. They can also work 3-5 days per week online or in-person, so they have the flexibility to manage their personal or other commitments.

What are the benefits of getting an internship under Lumify Learn and Study and Work’s program?

There are various advantages of signing up to Lumify Learn and Study and Work’s internship program, such as:

  • Real-world experience: Thanks to Study and Work’s exclusive internship placement offerings, you can bridge the gap between your studies and hands-on experience. This makes you job ready as soon as you graduate.

  • Personalised career support: Our career coaches will provide you with tailor-fit career guidance, taking into consideration your skills and interests, to help you achieve your IT aspirations and goals.

  • Expanded professional network: By attending Lumify Learn and Study and Work’s networking events and workshops, you become connected with industry experts and like-minded people. This can help you learn about new opportunities and industry trends and gain valuable insights. You can even collaborate and share knowledge with other students, expanding your skillset and improving your career prospects.

  • Flexible study options: Lumify Learn has a wide range of flexible learning opportunities so you can choose the one that best fits your schedule and learning style.

What are some internship opportunities in the field of IT?

The field of IT is expansive and constantly evolving. This means that there are numerous internship opportunities available for those interested in pursuing a career in this field. Some examples are:

Project Management

7 careers project management professionals should pursue

As the name implies, project management is about overseeing a project’s planning, implementation, and evaluation to ensure that is completed successfully. By learning project management, interns can learn to manage project timelines, create and manage budgets, and work with stakeholders to meet project goals. A report by the Project Management Institute states that there will be a 33% growth in the project management workforce, leading to the creation of almost 22 million new jobs.

Lumify Learn offers the Certified Project Management Professional course, which will teach students the necessary skills to align projects with business outcomes, manage resources, and meet the needs of various stakeholders.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the delivery of digital tools and services like software, data storage, servers, databases, analytics, and network systems through the internet. Instead of saving data on a local storage system, the cloud allows users to access tools and services from anywhere in the world if they have an internet connection. A recent whitepaper by IDC states that in Australia, there is a growing trend of migrating both new and existing workloads to public cloud platforms. In 2022, around two-thirds of organisations are already operating cloud workloads in production.

Interns can gain experience in cloud computing by learning about cloud architecture, deployment, and management. They can also learn to manage various cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Lumify Learn offers various cloud computing courses. One of these is , which will provide essential skills in the leading cloud platforms. Another is ICT40120 - Certificate IV in Information Technology Elective Focus Cloud Computing, which will prepare you to set up, deploy, and maintain cloud-based systems for businesses of all sizes.

Data Analytics 

Data analytics refers to the process of collecting, organising, examining, and interpreting raw information to make more informed business decisions.

More and more companies are collecting data these days. As such, the need for individuals who can analyse that information and provide valuable insights is also growing. Data analytics interns can perform tasks such as data cleaning and preparation, data visualisation, and statistical analysis. They may also work with different data types like web data, financial data, and customer data. Currently, data science is among the most in-demand and highest paying jobs in Australia.

Students who wish to learn more about data analytics can take Lumify Learn’s Certified Data Science Professional Course, which will allow course completers to be connected to potential employers through our Industry Partnership Program. 

IT Operations and Support

This involves the maintenance and management of a company’s IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, and networks. Interns in this field can learn how to troubleshoot and solve technical problems, ensure the proper operation of IT systems, and provide technical support to end-users. They may also learn to perform network maintenance, software installations, and system upgrades.

Lumify Learn offers courses such as IT Service Management Professional, which equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to manage IT services effectively. This course covers topics such as ITIL, which is a set of best practices for IT service management, as well as service delivery and support, infrastructure management, and security management. Certificate courses like ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Systems Administration Support) and ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology (Advanced Networking) are also available.

Take the first step in securing a better future. Enquire with us on our Lumify Edge partnership with Study and Work today.

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