Lumify Group

A balanced approach to training with Lumify Group 

Lumify Learn is proud to partner with Lumify Group, Australia's largest corporate IT Training provider. Lumify Group has been delivering high-quality non-accredited training courses for over 30 years, covering a wide range of topics and technologies in the IT industry. The group also offers 600 courses, has over a hundred expert trainers, operates six campuses and trains more than 30,000 students every year. 

Lumify Group has established partnerships with world-renowned companies such as Microsoft, Google, AWS, Cisco and CompTIA, among many others. These partnerships enable Lumify Group to offer the most up-to-date and relevant training content and certifications to students. 

As an online education provider in Australia, Lumify Learn shares Lumify Group’s vision of helping individuals and organisations in the IT industry to enhance their skills and knowledge, and to stay ahead of the curve in a fast-changing digital world. 

What are the benefits of this partnership with Lumify Learn? 

By partnering with Lumify Group, Lumify Learn can offer students like you access to nationally-accredited courses and a range of vendor-endorsed bootcamps in various domains. These courses can help you gain practical skills and experience in specific areas of IT, such as cloud computing, cyber security, networking, software development, and more. 

Lumify Learn students can also benefit from Lumify Group’s extensive network of trainers and experts, who have years of industry experience and can provide valuable insights and guidance. Lumify Group’s trainers are certified by the relevant vendors and organisations, ensuring that they deliver the highest standards of training. 

Whether you are looking for a short course to boost your resume, or a comprehensive program to advance your career, Lumify Learn and Lumify Group can help you achieve your IT training goals. Together, we offer a flexible and convenient way to learn online, at your own pace and schedule.