DDLS Group Rebrands to Lumify Group

By Lumify Learn Team  |  December 12, 2022

A new brand for a new chapter, DDLS Goes next level as Lumify Group

The leading providers of information and communications technology training in Australasia just got better and brighter! And all brands will be united under one roof. 

Following a lengthy planning period, DDLS Group decided to refresh its brand. From the 13th of December, the Group will be known as Lumify Group. 

Over the past 30 years, DDLS has significantly expanded its services into new industries and regions. This expansion includes: 

  • the launch of the partnership with the Australian Institute of ICT (AIICT) back in 2019

  • the acquisition of New Zealand’s largest Information Technology (IT) training provider Auldhouse

  • the opening of their DDLS Philippines campus

  • the growth of their business consultancy arm DDLS People

  • and most recently, the acquisition of Australia’s largest Microsoft end-user Apps training provider, Nexacu

All these have resulted in several siloed brands, and they feel that now is the right time to consolidate all this growth under one roof -- the Lumify Group.

What does Lumify mean? 

Lumify comes from the verb {lu-mi-fy}, which means to ‘illuminate and enlighten through learning’ -with ‘Lum’ meaning bright and clear, and ‘Ify’ meaning to cause to become

It was selected to reflect their extensive IT training experience, belief in the transformative power of learning, and commitment to the success and happiness of their students, customers, and staff. It also represents an exciting milestone for the organisation as they leverage their network to provide best-in-class learning experiences for all customers.

Introducing the Lumify Group (Learn, Work, People, Nexacu)

Smarter, better, further, brighter -- Lumify Group is the new overarching brand name for DDLS and its partner brands, bringing together all its different training foci and services under one roof.

Lumify Group is now the parent of Lumify Learn (coming soon), Lumify Work, Lumify People and Nexacu (Powered by Lumify). The new brand reflects over 30 years' experience with training in the IT and related markets, tailoring programs to suit customers’ needs, including bespoke in-house developed courses.

Lumify Group (Learn, Work, People, Nexacu) is Australasia’s most extensive corporate IT, process, and cybersecurity training provider. The Group offers extensive training options tailored to an organisation’s needs – from vendor-certified courses to customised training, including bespoke in-house developed courses.

The new structure has Lumify Group as the overarching brand, with Lumify Learn, Lumify Work and Lumify People replacing the former individual brands. A new logo brings it all together to reflect the relationships between each subgroup. Nexacu will continue to operate as Nexacu, Powered by Lumify.

Lumify Learn

Watch out for the launch of Lumify Learn in 2023. It will provide quality, self-paced, vendor-certified Information Communications Technology (ICT) training, leveraging 30 years of experience, skills and knowledge accumulated as leaders in this industry from being part of the Lumify Group.

Lumify Learn will allow students to study their way, from anywhere, at any time, with industry-recognised courses and qualifications to let them hit the ground running on graduation.

Lumify Work

Lumify Work provides customised training made flexible and cost-effective. These options allow organisations to train as many or as few employees as they need, using highly qualified cross-vendor certified instructors with technical expertise, proficiency, and extensive hands-on experience.

Lumify Work trainers stay updated with emerging technologies, applications, frameworks, and methodologies. The same technical instructors that our students love, they are consistently rated above industry standards in student evaluations.

Lumify Work is the most awarded training partner in Australia and New Zealand of Microsoft, and the Partner of choice for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Citrix, Cisco, CompTIA, ITIL, Red Hat, VMware and more.

Lumify People

Lumify People utilises 20 years-experience to provide its clients with expert strategic and advisory services; customised learning and development to meet all needs; logistics and supply chain expertise; and program and project management services covering from budgets and communications to risk management.

Lumify People has a long successful history of providing these services with the Australian Department of Defence and other key government organisations and corporations.

What does this mean for our ICT Training services?

The short answer is 'just the new brand name for our partner DDLS.’ But you can expect much more; you can access resources from various parts of the organisation. Here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding our brand refresh.

What does the brand change mean for AIICT Students?

It's business as usual for AIICT students, study will remain unchanged for the immediate future.

Will the new Lumify brand change DDLS’ organisational objectives?

The organisation’s objectives to deliver world-class training will not change with the new name. However, in launching the new brand we hope to further drive awareness of and provide customers with access to the broader Lumify offering.

What does the brand change mean for corporate customers?

If you are one of our corporate customers, you will not see a change in how we deliver training. And the relationships you currently maintain with the DDLS and AIICT business will continue.

Our team will contact our corporate customers to tell them about the changes and to answer any questions.

What does the change mean for partner organisations?

Lumify Group (Learn, Work, People) partners with world-class companies to help organisations and individuals remain up to date with new processes, technology, and platforms to reduce risk and enable efficient business practices.

The new name and branding will not change the relationships that exist with current partners in the delivery of high-quality training to their customers.

Our product teams will reach out to partner organisations to inform them about the changes and answer any questions they may have.

Will the systems that students use and course pricing remain the same?

There will be no impact on systems or course pricing for AIICT students in the immediate future.

We will communicate the branding changes to all current and potential students to avoid confusion, and we look forward to our students embracing the new look and feel of our partner Lumify Group.

Let's go next level with Lumify

One brand, no siloes, all the 700+ ICT courses, ten campuses in Australasia and the many trainers you love, packaged with digital products available across the board. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with you in the next phase of our ICT training journey, partnering with Lumify Group to bring you best-in-class ICT learning experiences.

You'll be able to check out the updated Lumify Work (previously DDLS), website from the 13th of December at lumifywork.com

For more information on the DDLS brand refresh to Lumify Group, contact our support team at [email protected] or fill in our contact form.