DevOps Institute

Learn DevOps with Lumify Learn and DevOps Institute: The Leaders in DevOps Education 

Lumify Learn is proud to partner with DevOps Institute, the global learning community that empowers the people who power IT. DevOps Institute offers recognised certifications across several core DevOps competencies, such as DevOps Engineering, Site Reliability Engineering, DevSecOps, and DevOps Leadership. 

How can you leverage Lumify Learn’s partnership with DevOps Institute for your career? 

By partnering with DevOps Institute, Lumify Learn aims to provide students like you with the best practices, tools, and methodologies to engineer successful DevOps solutions and deliver high-quality software faster and more reliably. As a partner of DevOps Institute, Lumify Learn represents an exclusive group of organisations who have gone through the rigor and investment in supporting the advancement of the Humans of DevOps. 

The inclusion of DevOps adoption in Lumify Learn’s Certified Full Stack Developer course will align your skillset with many professional developers and ensure you can work seamlessly to deliver software faster and more reliably. You can also earn industry-recognised certifications from DevOps Institute and enhance your professional credibility. 

DevOps is not only a technical skill but also a cultural mindset that fosters collaboration, communication, and continuous improvement. By learning DevOps with Lumify Learn and DevOps Institute, you will be able to join the global community of DevOps practitioners who are transforming the IT industry and creating value for businesses and customers alike.