ICT Systems Manager

Explore the required skills and education to pursue the role of an ICT systems manager. Learn about industry growth, employment opportunities, and salary potential.


ICT systems managers perform the necessary tasks to design, modify, support, and maintain a business’ IT networks and software. They ensure all infrastructures are fully functional and up-to-date, and that a regular backups are carried out as required.

Those in the role are also in charge of creating budgets for equipment, purchasing the hardware and software needed for servers and work stations, and ensuring they adhere to safety expectations and security standards. They may also train their staff in using such systems, and create plans towards established IT-related goals.

ICT managers can expect strong growth in the coming years, from 58,800 workers in 2018 to 67,000 by 2023.

Key Skills

  • Proficient in programming and complex algorithms – necessary for system debugging and implementation

  • Ability to handle high-stress emergencies (such as data breaches or system malfunctions)

  • Excellent communication skills for training and delegating tasks to IT staff

  • Perceptive with critical thinking and logical reasoning skills – helping them solve intricate problems as they arise

  • Ability to organise and prioritise tasks well; especially during times of crisis

  • Collaborative and personable; able to work well in a team setting

Quick Facts

The field of ICT systems managers is a very large one, with weekly earnings higher than the all-jobs average (these tend to be lower when starting out – increasing as experience grows). Most work full time, with opportunities across most regions of Australia.

Salary Range

$63,000 - $137,000 (Median: $92,000)*

*Source: Payscale

Average Weekly Hours

44 hours (vs. all jobs average of 44 hours)*

*Source: Job Outlook

Main Industries

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services; Information Media and Telecommunications; and Financial and Insurance Services

Most Common Qualification Level

42.1% hold a Bachelor’s Degree


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*Sources: payscale.com.au and joboutlook.gov.au – All information is to be used as a guide only, and are accurate at the time of publication.