Lumify Learn, AWS team up to launch AI course in Australia

By Mika Vargova  |  March 31, 2021

Lumify Learn has launched a  course, developed with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for aspiring artificial intelligence (AI) developers and machine learning (ML) professionals. The course enables novice practitioners who are interested in entering the field of AI become job ready in six months.

A skill assessment evaluates the student’s current skills and experience, with the only prerequisite for the course a basic understanding of mathematics and statistics or, alternatively, relevant experience in the industry, such as an internship.

The lack of skilled AI professionals forms part of a broader technology skills shortage in Australia, with research from AWS revealing that Australia will need an additional 6.5 million newly skilled and reskilled digital workers by 2025 to meet demand for technology skills (79% more than Australia currently has).

Jon Lang, CEO of Lumify Group, noted that there is a severe shortage of skilled AI professionals, with organisations unable to fill these roles. As AI and ML become a critical part of the digital transformation process, Lang predicts that demand will rise for engineers and those with specific skills across a range of industries.

“At Lumify Learn, we are committed to providing all our students with the most contemporary, relevant and future-focused skills. Together with AWS we hope to address the skyrocketing demand in the AI field and support those looking to start their career as an AI engineer,” said Lang.

The  course prepares individuals for a role as an entry-level AI developer or machine learning engineer. Through Lumify Edge, Lumify Learn connects recent graduates with employers to help them secure a frontline role, while tackling skills shortages in the field.

Melanie Botha, Head of Training and Certification at AWS Australia and New Zealand, said we still face ongoing shortages in cloud computing, machine learning and AI, despite the technological advances in these areas.

“AWS is passionate about continual education, and the need to build new digital skills to drive economic growth and job creation in Australia and New Zealand. Together with Lumify Learn, we want to close the digital skills gap, equip individuals with job-ready skills that will boost their employability, and support the upskilling of our nation,” said Botha.

The course incorporates three AWS certifications, including AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, AWS Certified Data Analytics and AWS Certified Machine Learning, as well as the TensorFlow Developer Certificate. The course focuses on the development of real-world skills and provides access to unique ‘live labs’, which enable students to practice developing and deploying machine learning models in a simulated work environment. The course also includes video content, quizzes, expert-led webinars and online mentorship from industry experts.

Lumify Learn uses a self-paced course schedule, which is not bound by the traditional academic structures of terms and semesters. The flexible learning option allows students to build an online learning schedule around their life.

The course will help students understand the fundamentals of AI/ML processes and concepts, and elements of data science. Students will also learn the key concepts of cloud computing, with a deep dive into AWS. The course will also enable students to develop skills in Python, SQL JavaScript and deep learning. Students will learn how to build scalable AI-powered algorithms with TensorFlow, and use ML toolsets and processes to build models with Amazon SageMaker and computer visions based on smart applications.

Lumify Learn was launched in 2019 by the Lumify Group, and is one of two authorised AWS Training Partners in the country.

Build the skills required to become a Certified Artificial Intelligence Professional today, and enquire with us on the course.


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