Meet Ravi Alwani
Cyber Security Mentor

"Security is not a product, but a process." - Bruce Schneier

Ravi Alwani is a seasoned cyber security professional with a deep-rooted commitment to nurturing the next generation of cyber defenders. With over a decade of experience spanning cloud architecture, technical mentorship, and profound expertise in safeguarding digital landscapes, he's here to guide you on your journey to becoming a cyber security expert.

Areas of Expertise

Throughout his career, Ravi has played pivotal roles in developing complex cloud infrastructures and has been working closely on leading-edge technologies. His technical prowess extends from DevOps to infrastructure management and configuration. As a Microsoft Certified Azure Security Expert, he has hands-on experience in architecting secure cloud environments. His work spans industries like banking, finance, retail, and public safety, emphasising the importance of cybersecurity in diverse sectors.

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) with a rich background in mentoring and teaching, Ravi believes in creating an environment where learning thrives. Through his technical workshops, architectural design insights, and contributions to official Microsoft documentation, he aims to instill a deep understanding of cybersecurity principles while nurturing a continuous thirst for knowledge.

Mentorship Philosophy

Ravi is guided by his own vision: “Great mentors build bridges where there was none.”

His mentorship journey is fueled by a genuine passion for sharing knowledge and shaping the defenders of tomorrow. From his role as a Lead Cloud Architect at Microsoft to his extensive experience in the industry, Ravi has witnessed the evolving threat landscape firsthand. Now, he's excited to help emerging cyber professionals embrace this challenge and build a secure digital future.

What’s more, Ravi has been recognised for his contributions to the field, including Microsoft Azure Champion Certificate of Appreciation and various awards from esteemed organisations. His commitment to mentorship extends to his role as a speaker, innovator, and contributor to the tech community. Through his experience at Accenture and Wipro, he has honed his skills in not only technical excellence, but also in effective communication and teamwork.

Explore the realm of cyber security, delve into industry best practices, and empower yourself to be a guardian of the digital landscape, with Ravi!

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