Daniel Armstrong

Meet Daniel Armstrong
IT Networking and Cloud Computing Trainer

Dan embarked on his professional journey in graphic design, but soon ventured into different industries due to the abundance of career options and opportunities available. Over the course of his IT career spanning more than 20 years, Dan has actively participated in the mining, infrastructure, and in roles such as IT manager, systems administrator, and Level 3 engineer. His true passion lies in training individuals and witnessing their progression towards fulfilling IT careers. 

What sets Dan apart is his dedication to supporting others in their learning journeys. He consistently goes above and beyond, demonstrating patience and understanding to facilitate the growth of individuals. By combining his enthusiasm for training, IT expertise, and creativity, Dan fosters an environment where students can flourish and thrive. 

He strongly believes that encountering challenges during the learning process ultimately moulds individuals into better technicians in the real world. However, Dan is always ready to help and collaborate with others to solve problems as a cohesive team. 

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