Nickelby Thane

Meet Nickelby Thane
Cyber Security Mentor

“Cyber security is an always evolving industry. What you know now may very well be obsolete in a matter of days, if not hours or even seconds.”

Nickelby has over 18 years of cyber security experience ranging from roles such as a security engineer, penetration tester, consultant, all the way to a Chief Information Security Officer. He had the opportunity to be part of several industries’ cyber security strategies and technical implementation ranging from maritime, logistics, aviation, health, insurance, banking, and utilities both from a domestic and from a global perspective. He has various industry certifications, some of which include CISSP, CEH, BCNE, CCNP, VCP, MCSE and ITIL.

He firmly believes in giving back to the community, which he does through sharing his knowledge and experiences. He does this by mentoring junior or new cyber security professionals and participating in online forums.

In Nickelby's own opinion, cyber security should be practiced from a very young age. For him, habitual practices play an important role in making sure that an individual is constantly kept abreast of the latest trends in the cyber security realm.

Nickelby ultimately believes that interactive interaction between the mentor and the mentee is very important as communication remains one of the more critical elements in ensuring that a cyber security strategy fully works. He strongly believes that one needs to keep improving because staying updated and avoiding burnout from the constant changes in the cyber security world is a big challenge for newcomers to the industry.

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