Meet Mayank Gupta
Project Management Mentor

Hi there! I'm Mayank Gupta, an accomplished project management professional with a fervent passion for guiding aspiring project management students to reach new heights. With certifications in Scrum and Agile Project Management, I have a solid foundation in various project management methodologies, underscoring my commitment to continuous learning and growth.  

Mentorship Philosophy: 

My journey as a mentor is rooted in a genuine desire to empower others. Through my experience at Accenture Australia, I've contributed to diverse projects, managed relationships, and facilitated effective communication among stakeholders. Now, I find immense joy in helping emerging talents navigate the intricate world of project management. 

My commitment to mentoring extends beyond the professional realm. As a mentor at the RMIT Graduate Program and Melbourne University Industry Night, I find joy in facilitating the growth of future leaders. Through brown bag sessions and the Buddy Program, I've created spaces for knowledge exchange, fostering a culture of continuous learning. 

Areas of Expertise: 

My career has been a dynamic blend of leadership and technical expertise. From managing relationships with internal and external stakeholders to conducting risk management, I have honed my skills in orchestrating projects that meet business objectives. As a Scrum Master and SAFe Practitioner, I understand the significance of adapting to changing project requirements swiftly and maintaining a holistic view of project landscapes. 

My technical acumen encompasses a diverse array of tools and platforms. Proficient in API testing with Rest Assured and Postman, I bring a wealth of experience in test management tools like JIRA and Rational Team Concert. With expertise in integrated development environment software like Eclipse and IntelliJ, CI/CD pipelines like Jenkins and Go, and cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, I bring a holistic approach to project management. 

Educator and Lifelong Learner: 

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." - John F. Kennedy 

It is my privilege to support your growth and learning journey. Through collaboration, guidance, and a deep commitment to your success, I am excited to be a part of your evolution as a project management professional. Feel free to connect with me for discussions, insights, or simply to share your journey. 

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