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Our partnership with Code Avengers helps students transition seamlessly from foundational digital skills to advanced IT training.

You’ve laid the foundation with Code Avengers, mastering the essentials of coding, computer science, and digital literacy. Now, take the next step to launch your IT career with Lumify Learn.

Choose your path with both globally recognised Vendor Certifications or nationally recognised qualifications that will get you job-ready and highly competitive in the workforce.

Plus – secure your 10% discount as a Code Avengers Graduate!

Study Options

New Zealand Students

Fast-track your career with any Lumify Learn bootcamp designed to get you job-ready quickly. You can choose from our globally recognised Vendor Certification to give you the skills and confidence to secure your first job.

Australian Students

Choose from Lumify Learn bootcamps or earn a Nationally Recognised Certificate III, Certificate IV, or Diploma in IT. You can use these qualifications to fast track to your first job or for credits towards your university degree.

Popular courses for Code Avengers Graduates

Leverage the skills you’ve mastered at Code Avengers or follow another passion to choose your Lumify Learn course. Here are some popular courses for Code Avengers graduates:

Why choose Lumify Learn

Lumify Learn is powered by Lumify Group, the largest IT training company across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. Choosing Lumify Learn means you benefit from:

Exclusive Discounts

Enjoy a 10% discount on all courses as a Code Avengers student, making quality IT education more accessible.

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Ready to take the next step?

Talk to a Lumify Learn Course Advisor today to learn more about our courses, and to enrol in the best course for you.

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