5 Factors To Consider When Choosing An Online IT Course In Australia

By Lumify Learn Team  |  August 6, 2021

Online learning has proven to offer plenty of benefits, from the ability to learn five times more material than in face-to-face environments – to its flexible pathways of getting certified at a time, place, and pace that suit you and your educational needs best. To top that off, the option provides an ever-expanding selection of IT courses in Australia, helping equip dedicated students with the skills and experience to enter one of Australia’s fastest-growing, most in-demand industries.

Below, we explore the five main things to assess in a quality online IT course, and how Lumify Learn may just have the training you’re after.

Flexible learning options

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A good online IT course will offer a varied range of study options, helping its students learn through a style, pace, and schedule that suits them best. This is especially valuable to those with other work, family, or personal commitments, as they can then train at a time and place of their convenience. Such flexibility thus allows for greater balance between work, family, and professional development.

With much of IT-related work (i.e. cybersecurity, cloud computing, growth marketing) done digitally, online study also offers a seamless, fitting option for building on such skills – as students primarily need a working computer and stable internet connection to work through the necessary material and assessments.

The IT courses provided by Lumify Learn offer this flexible delivery to help you “study your way, wherever you are.” Students can easily learn the essentials of tech security, web development, and even artificial intelligence through the comfort of their own home; supported through an online study portal, various digital means of online communication (including Skype and online forums), and course materials available 24/7.

Industry credibility

Those looking to study IT online should also seek course providers in good, reputable standing with other industry leaders or institutions. This could include offering nationally-accredited or globally-recognised certifications under trusted names; content materials from quality, leading sources; and mentorship from industry experts. A quality online provider will also likely have various testimonials showcased from satisfied students on their official website.

Aspiring tech experts who choose to train with Lumify Learn will find that plenty of courses culminate in nationally accredited qualifications. Some programs, such as our “Certified Cyber Security Professional” and “Certified Full Stack Developer” courses, offer internationally-recognised certifications under the leading IT associations (including CompTIA, the Python Institute and the DevOps Institute). This allows those who complete the course to stand out in the ever-competitive field of tech, having the edge of industry-verified skills and experience. Some certifications even offer “digital badges” to help give graduates a further boost of employability.

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Course content is also typically provided and curated though trusted sources such as the Digital Marketing Institute, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services.

Additionally, students are fully supported throughout their online learning journey with the help of expert trainers – industry veterans who use their skills and experience to help individuals navigate the content, assessments, and structure of their course.

Flexible payment options

On top of flexible delivery, a good online IT course will typically provide various options for payment. This helps one pursue the training they need while supporting them financially – helping potentially alleviate the financial barrier to study.

With Lumify Learn, fees are dependent on the course you pursue; though each program usually offers two financial options: paying student fees up-front, or subscribing to a payment plan. Those who choose to pay full fees will have the added benefit of a 10% discount.

Lumify Learn’s customer service team are always readily available to answer student inquiries or course fees or payment plans, ensuring they’re able to pursue (and complete) their training in ways that best fit their needs.

Smooth enrollment process

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Pursuing online courses needn’t be a hassle. A quality online IT course (or any trusted online course, in general) shouldn’t have its applicants jump through hoops in the enrollment process; potential students must be given a simple, straightforward procedure to follow when enrolling in their course of choice.

Lumify Learn offers this process through three easy stages. Those interested in a program must firstly ensure that they meet the entry requirements for their course. This can vary depending on your choice, though general requirements include being 17 years or older and having adequate literacy, language, and numeracy skills. Recognition of Prior Learning is also offered to help you fast-track your studies, acknowledging any previous or existing skills, knowledge, and work experience and transferring this as “credit” towards your qualification.

Applicants must then submit an inquiry to Lumify Learn about enrolling in their chosen program. A course advisor will then get in touch, navigating them through any questions they may have, and will then require them to complete a formal Student Enrollment Agreement, Capability Quiz, and Pre-Enrollment Profile to help validate their application. Payment options will also be made available during this stage.

Finally, the enrolled student will be required to attend an online Kick Start Workshop, helping them gather all the information and tools they need to get started and succeed in their course. Upon completing this, they are then ready to begin studying.

Through Lumify Learn’s dedicated team of trainers and advisors, both potential and existing students can rest assured that their online learning journey – from application to final assessments – is fully supported to ensure the smoothest experience possible.

Job-ready skills and training

Lastly, a good online IT course will not only provide its students access to quality course content and trusted industry resources – but help equip them with the practical, work-ready skills they need to compete on the job market once they’ve finished. Though high in demand, tech has been considered one of the most competitive industries of Australia (placing only third under hospitality and logistics in 2019).

Engaging in interactive, hands-on exercises thus play a necessary role in your training, helping you gain the knowledge, qualifications, and practical competencies to start working in your desired field. Lumify Learn’s courses provide this through its multi-platform learning environments, where students gain access to a diverse range of tailored, pragmatic study methods – including live labs, live chat, and interactive projects. Webinars (lead by industry leaders) are also hosted on the regular, providing you with the opportunity to start building your professional network connections.

Learn & Earn

Furthermore, Lumify Learn provides course graduates with the Lumify Edge program, designed to actively help alumni in their job search and interview preparations. Gaining your qualification is simply the first step – venturing out in the job market, however, can be daunting; especially for those new to the industry.

Fortunately, Lumify Edge assists you in the key stages of your job search, from building your resume to connecting you to potential employers. Individuals will learn to polish their cover letters, optimise their LinkedIn profiles, and receive valuable career advice and mentoring throughout their search.

The platform offers a unique, valuable benefit to those who study with Lumify Learn – helping them make the most of their online course.

Looking to study IT online?

Whether you’re an aspiring tech professional or simply looking to skill up for the digital age, Lumify Learn offers a wide, diverse range of courses to help you build the skills you need.

Through its industry recognition; trusted, globally-recognised partners; and a highly flexible, tailored learning experience – students are bound to find all they need in a high-quality IT course online. From boot camp programs in thriving tech areas (i.e. data sciencecybersecurity, etc.) to fully-fledged diplomas in networking and web development, Lumify Learn remains a choice provider in online IT training.

Build the skills you need for a thriving tech career today, and enquire with us on a course.

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