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Discover the daily job duties, required skills, and salary potential of an AI developer. Explore statistics surrounding industry growth, main areas of employment, and common qualifications held in the field.


As the tech field continues to advance, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly used to spur innovation, reap greater insights, and boost productivity while minimising human risk and error. The technology has helped with data mining and analysis, personalising customer experience, and maximising workflows.

AI developers are responsible for crafting such software. Through their expertise in data science, mathematics, and programming; these professionals use machine-learning algorithms to automate an application’s behaviours, functions, and problem-solving processes. Such technology is then used to empower business decisions and boost operational efficiency.

According to the latest report by CSIRO’s Data61, the AI development industry currently offers a wide breadth of career opportunity – now and into the future. Their research predicts an estimated demand for 32,000 to 161,000 employees in robotics, data science, computer vision, and various other areas of AI expertise by 2030.

Key Skills

  • Ability to create and deploy machine learning algorithms

  • Advanced skills in data science, programming, and software development

  • Expertise in mathematics, statistics, physics, and engineering

  • Strong communication skills for coordinating with data scientists, business analysts, and other software developers

  • An understanding of both the traditional/waterfall and agile approach to software development

  • Strong analytical and critical thinking abilities; able to pinpoint potential issues, areas for improvement, and craft appropriate solutions in turn

Quick Facts

As a subset of software/application programmers, AI developers can find work in most regions of Australia, with New South Wales and Victoria currently holding the largest share of workers. Weekly salary potential is currently higher ($2,003) than the all job average ($1,460) with plenty of opportunity for full-time work.

Salary Range

$60,000 - $132,000 (Median: $77,000)*

*Source: Payscale

Average Weekly Hours

41 hours (vs. all jobs average of 44 hours)*

*Source: Job Outlook

Main Industries

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services; Financial and Insurance Services; and Public Administration and Safety


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*Sources: and – All information is to be used as a guide only, and are accurate at the time of publication.