What Is a Microsoft Azure Certification, And What Are The Benefits Of Getting One?

By Lumify Learn Team  |  May 6, 2024

Cloud computing has become an increasingly important part of our digital livs. Not only does it allow individuals to access services from anywhere online, but it also enables businesses to store data remotely, helping them reduce costs and increase efficiency. In Australia alone, cloud computing spending is expected to reach US$14.1 billion in 2025, according to data and analytics company GlobalData.

What is Microsoft Azure?

One of the most popular and advanced cloud computing platforms in the world is Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure provides users with more than 200 products and services to meet their cloud computing needs. In Australia alone, Azure commands about more than 20% of the Australian market for cloud computing services.

Whether you want to stream media content, analyse data, create artificial intelligence-based projects, or secure your cloud environment, Azure has the tools and features you need. You can also use Azure to build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge, with the tools and frameworks of your choice.

What is a Microsoft Azure certification?

A Microsoft Azure certification is a credential that validates your skills and knowledge of using Microsoft Azure. These certifications cater to IT experts, developers, and AI professionals engaged in the Microsoft cloud ecosystem and offer an avenue to grasp diverse cloud services and foster career growth.

Microsoft organises Azure certifications into three tiers: Fundamentals, Associate, and Expert. Additionally, Azure encompasses Specialty certifications like Cosmos DB Developer and Virtual Desktop, enhancing its comprehensive certification landscape.

What are the benefits of having an Azure certification?

There are various advantages that you can get by having an Azure certification. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Career growth

The demand for skilled cloud professionals has skyrocketed, with companies across industries migrating their operations to the cloud for enhanced efficiency and scalability.

An Azure certification not only showcases your technical skills but also demonstrates your commitment to staying current with the latest cloud technologies and best practices. This dedication to professional development is something that employers highly value. With an Azure certification, you have a tangible way to illustrate your expertise, which can lead to more rapid career advancement and higher-profile projects within your organisation.

Flexibility and adaptability

The realm of cloud computing is dynamic and ever-changing, requiring professionals to constantly update their knowledge and skills. An Azure certification fosters this adaptability, as it equips you with a wide array of skills covering infrastructure, machine learning, security, and data analytics. These skills enable you to embrace new tools and methodologies, making you an asset for organisations seeking agile professionals.

Additionally, Azure’s global presence and compatibility with third-party tools empower you to tailor solutions for various industries and regions. For example, you can use Azure to create solutions for health care, education, finance, retail, and more. You can also integrate Azure with other platforms and services, such as Linux, Oracle, SAP, and GitHub. These capabilities allow you to adapt to different customer needs and preferences, making you a flexible and versatile professional.

Higher income potential

While personal growth and skills enhancement are at the core of pursuing an Azure certification, the tangible benefits extend to your earning potential. As the demand for Azure-certified professionals surges, so does the value placed on your expertise, often translating into higher income prospects.

The correlation between certifications and higher salaries is well-established in the tech industry. Companies recognize the depth of knowledge and dedication required to attain an Azure certification, and they reward professionals accordingly. In fact, according to Glassdoor, an Azure cloud architect can make as much as $154,000 yearly. An Azure cloud engineer, meanwhile, can earn around $137,500. These figures can increase as one’s experience grows.

Improved cloud security

Azure certification goes beyond career advancement, extending its impact to the realm of cloud security—an indispensable concern in today's interconnected world. An Azure certification empowers you with a comprehensive understanding of security protocols within cloud computing. You gain insights into safeguarding data, applications, and infrastructure within Azure. This expertise is pivotal for ensuring data integrity, risk reduction, and compliance with industry standards.

Also, amid escalating cyber threats, organizations value professionals who can bolster digital defenses. Azure-certified individuals possess the ability to identify vulnerabilities, devise secure architectures, and implement robust security measures. Your skills in preempting and addressing potential threats position you as a key player in thwarting security breaches and minimizing their impact.

Better customer satisfaction and loyalty

An Azure certification can also help you improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty, as you can provide better solutions and services to your customers using Azure. You can use Azure’s tools and features to create secure, scalable, and reliable cloud applications and solutions that meet your customers’ needs and expectations.

You can also use Azure’s support and feedback channels to resolve issues and improve your customer experience. By having an Azure certification, you can show your customers that you are a trusted and competent cloud professional who can deliver high-quality results using Azure.

How do you become Azure-certified?

To become certified in Microsoft Azure, you need to take an appropriate Azure course and complete a certification exam. Depending on the level of certification you choose, you may also need to meet some prerequisites, such as passing a fundamentals exam or having relevant work experience.

Lumify Learn offers an Azure Cloud Computing Certified Professional (AZCCP) bootcamp course. This will help you develop in-demand skills, positioning you for a rewarding career in cloud computing, with a focus on Microsoft Azure.

In this course, you will learn the following topics:

  • How to set up a cloud solution environment using Azure

  • How to plan, configure, and deploy a cloud solution using Azure

  • The fundamentals of cloud computing and Azure

  • The business principles and benefits of cloud environments

  • The management and technical operations of cloud solutions

  • The governance, risk, compliance, and security aspects of cloud computing

  • The cloud architecture and design principles

  • The leading service providers, web services, and APIs in the cloud industry

The Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Certified Professional course is available in two formats:

  • Full Bootcamp: Includes three certifications: CompTIA Cloud Essentials+, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900, and Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104.

  • Fast Track: Includes Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 and Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 certifications.

These certifications can help you prepare for a career in cloud computing.

This course is conducted 100% online, so you can study anywhere you prefer. This allows you to balance your studies with your other commitments. Upon course completion, you also join Lumify Edge, an exclusive program that provides you with the tools and opportunities to launch a successful IT career. You can enrol even if you’re aninternational student struggling to find work because you don’t have local work experience.

Start your career in Microsoft Azure. Enquire with us on the course today.

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