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Choosing what to do after high school is a big decision.

But also a super exciting one! You may have a clear idea of what you want to do, or you may
be feeling a bit clueless about the direction of your future – all perfectly normal.

In some instances, you may face some pressure from family, friends, teachers, or society to choose a certain path. Or you might face challenges that prevent you from pursuing your
preferred option, like your ATAR score not being high enough to gain entry into your choice of university. We understand it can be stressful.

In this e-book, we explore all the ways we can help YOU succeed. It also covers industry trends and statistics, and why it’s the best time for you to start a career in the IT industry.

Charting The Path to University

For high school graduates, the journey to university is a well-trodden path paved with opportunity and potential. We’ll explore the typical pathway that some students take as they progress from secondary education to tertiary learning – and a possible alternative pathway you might be pleasantly surprised by.

Alternative Pathways to University

While the ATAR system is a common pathway to university, it's important to note that there are alternative entry options that can result in you earning a degree from your preferred university. These may include bridging courses, and vocational education certifications and qualifications – just like the ones we offer!

Universities often consider factors beyond the ATAR to evaluate a student's potential and suitability for specific courses. These include interviews, portfolios, or specific course modules (like the ones we offer), which can result in students being awarded up to 33% of credit towards a degree.

Course Selection, University Preferences, and Enrolments

As Year 12 students approach the end of their studies, they face the exciting task of selecting university courses that align with their interests, aspirations, and career goals. Students can apply to multiple universities and prioritise their course preferences. The university admissions process considers the ATAR and course availability to make offers to eligible candidates. Upon receiving admission offers, students can accept offers for their preferred courses and enrol at their chosen universities.

This marks the beginning of an exciting academic journey where students immerse themselves in their chosen fields of study, explore new horizons, and work towards their future careers.

Year 12 Studies and the ATAR

Students typically complete their final year of high school, following a combination of exams, assignments, and tests, and receive an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), a standardised ranking system that assesses students' academic performance relative to their peers. The ATAR plays a crucial role in determining university admissions, as it reflects a student's academic achievement and readiness for higher education. But its also not the only way you can get a degree from your preferred university.

Alternative Study Pathway

Why Choose Lumify Learn as an Alternative Study Pathway?

Aside from our focused passion for IT training, these are the top reasons you should choose to study with us:

How an Online Course can Complement Your Degree

Better pathway to university

Our accredited courses offer a unique advantage to students like you, seeking a part to university admission.

Through our collaboration with Griffith University and with our Academic Accelerator program, which holds the potential to grant you a substantial 33% credit toward a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Cyber Security and Computer Science through the Griffith University. It is worth noting that, owing to our status as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), you have the flexibility to present your completed units to any university of your choice and have the same 33% course credits seamlessly applied towards a Bachelor of Information Technology. For more information about Griffith University credit transfer click here.

Our certification programs provide more than just a qualification; they have been designed to build real-world skills and knowledge to enable you to launch your IT career faster. The ultimate goal is for our students to use their university degrees as career accelerators.

This approach enables you to gain practical experience and kickstart your career while pursuing higher education, offering a significant advantage as you start your professional journey.

Academic Accelerator - Flexibility to study whenever, wherever

Flexibility to study whenever, wherever

We offer a flexible online learning experience that lets you fit education around your life, no matter where you are, even if you’re overseas on an incredible adventure. Whether you're studying in Japan or Italy, immersing yourself in the culture, lifestyle, and opportunities of these vibrant places while pursuing your study.

You also have the freedom to choose when you start your studies, providing a good alternative to fixed university or TAFE schedules. With us, you can complete your studies quickly without compromising on the quality of your education or the recognition of your degree. This flexibility and freedom make learning a more enjoyable journey, giving you the best of both worlds — academic excellence and an enriched life experience. Does it feel like you’ve just discovered an incredible life-changing secret? Because it should.

Academic Accelerator - Better support with experienced trainers and mentors

Better support with experienced trainers and mentors

Our courses are delivered by qualified trainers that are industry experts with extensive experience in their respective fields. Our trainers and mentors bring not only knowledge and qualifications but also a deep passion for students’ success. They provide personalised one-on-one support and guidance throughout the learning journey, guidance that extends well beyond the course content. This includes valuable insights into industry trends, employer requirements, what students can expect in the field, feedback, and practical tips to help you succeed. Help is always a phone or video call away.

The course content is always at the forefront, and regularly updated to ensure it remains relevant to the ever-evolving job market. You’ll always have the most up to date information available in the market.

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Industry-relevant and nationally accredited courses

We offer IT courses and training that reflect industry demand and vendor recommendations to help fulfil the staffing needs of industries:

100% online learning

Our industry-leading ICT courses and web-based learning environment are available to you 24/7.

Payment Plans

Contact us to learn more about our flexible monthly payment plans.

With options ranging from 8 to 24 months, you can start paying as little as $58.46 per week.

Support every step of the way

Our team will make sure you finish what you start. Our Trainers, Mentors and Student Support Team will be there for you at every step.

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