QA_POL_09 Student support policy

1. Purpose

Lumify Learn, are committed to assisting all students to achieve their educational goals.

The RTOs provide a range of support services to domestic and international students enrolled in our courses, to enable progression through to completion. This Policy and Procedure outlines these services as well as how students may access them.

2. Responsibilities

The General Manager is responsible for ensuring this policy and procedure is implemented. The Compliance Coordinator is responsible for ensuring this policy is maintained and up to date in line with scheduled revisions. Managerial staff are responsible for ensuring their teams are up-to-date with this policy.

3. Scope

This policy covers all of Lumify Learn training and assessment services across all campuses and all training/academic, student services, and governance staff members.

4. Policy


Pre-enrolment, all students

Lumify Learn provide students with a range of support services as determined through a range of methods both pre- and post-enrolment. A Student Support List of services is made available to all students on the RTOs’ websites. This list is reviewed and updated on an annual basis, including through student feedback on the levels of satisfaction with the services outlined on the List. All RTOs ensure that they have support personnel available for incoming and enrolled students – contact information is available on the relevant RTO’s Student Support List.

All students are required to demonstrate a minimum level of core skills via test for entry into their chosen course through application of the LLN Assessment Tools (entry to Cert III, entry to Cert IV, entry to Dip). The identified core skill levels determined as required to enable strong study progress, are made available in the relevant course Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS). Support services for students deemed as capable of completing the course with assistance will be put in place where required. Students deemed as not at the required skill level will be referred to alternative training programs, including with alternative training providers where Lumify Learn do not have on scope a more suitable course.

Students will also self-identify any learning support needs via the Application and Enrolment Form, where they are able identify any potential barriers to training and assessment, including in line with the NCVER Disability Supplement definitions.

Upon completion of enrolment, and where it is identified that support services are required, Lumify Learn will provide the student with an Individual Learning Plan that sets out the services that will be provided, as well as outline the monitoring plan for trainers and assessors throughout the student journey.

This can include dependant on the individual’s circumstances and where it does not disadvantage other students:

  • study support and referral to study skills programs

  • language, literacy and numeracy (LL&N) programs or referrals to appropriate programs

  • equipment, resources and/or programs to increase access for students with disabilities

  • mediation services or referral to appropriate services

  • flexible scheduling and delivery of training and assessment

  • counselling services or referral to appropriate services

  • information technology support, and

  • learning materials in alternative formats i.e. large print.

Post-enrolment, all students

All students will have access to Lumify Learn staff throughout the duration of their enrolment, including training, and student services staff. Contact can be made through phone, email, website contact form, or by attending one of the campuses in person where appropriate.

Staff will ensure students have access to the full resources of their enrolled RTO to assist them in achieving the competency in all nationally recognised units of competency. In the event that students require support outside of the ability of the respective RTO, students will be provided with a list of academic and non-academic support services, which can be found below, and is also found in the Student Handbook. The list will always indicate where costs may be incurred for external support services.

The RTO’s Student Support Officer will assist students in accessing internal and/or sourcing the appropriate external service/s and notes are made in the student’s Individual Learning Plan, including review date. The Support Officer will brief the student’s trainer and assessor and ensure that they review the agreed student activities by the review date, in consultation with the student: further activities may be identified and in turn, the Individual Learning Plan is updated with agreed action and the process of briefing the trainer and assessor and reviewing action will continue.

Lumify Learn confirm that all student will have access to this support list, as well as access to student support services through the relevant Student Handbook. Students confirm that they have been provided with access to this Student Support Policy and the Student Support List, through acknowledgement recorded via the Student Information Declaration, Enrolment Form completed upon enrolment.

Student support may also take the form of reasonable adjustment.

All students (except for RPL assessment only students) participate in an induction, which outlines:

  • support services, both academic and non-academic

  • study assist programs, including those made available by Lumify Learn

  • relevant and local legal services

  • emergency and health services and details

  • complaints and appeals processes – also available in the Student Handbooks

  • student Code of Conduct, including participation, progression, and behavioral requirements, and

  • fair work information and contacts.

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