Project Leader

Explore the daily responsibilities, salary potential, and required skills of a scrum master. Discover statistics on industry growth, common qualifications, and sectors with the highest employment.


A project leader shares plenty of the same responsibilities as a project manager, though with a stronger focus on people rather than overall project strategy.

Project leaders communicate and coordinate with team members on a daily basis, mapping out their tasks and goals for the day. They help maintain their team’s drive, motivation, and morale, offering the emotional support required to keep members focused and on the right track.

These professionals are thus equipped with a broad range of soft skills, including sharp decision-making, communication, and management abilities. They help lead teams to a project’s success by fostering the right vision, attitudes, and workplace culture. While project managers are focused on the technical aspects of an assignment, project leaders help cultivate the skills behind it.

Employment for project leaders is expected to grow in the next five years – with a projected 6.2% job growth, according to SEEK statistics.

Key Skills

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills for motivating and guiding project teams

  • Strong conflict resolution skills for maintaining high employee morale and productivity

  • Strong problem-solving skills for improving work processes, addressing project issues, and minimising risk

  • Ability to lead, manage, and empower teams

  • Sharp analytical skills for collecting, organising, and assessing project data and outcomes

  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines and quick turnaround times

Quick Facts

Project leaders can find work in most regions of Australia, with New South Wales  currently holding the largest share of workers. Weekly salary potential is currently higher ($1,660) than the all job average ($1,460) with plenty of opportunity for full-time work.

Salary Range

$60,000 - $213,000 (Median: $97,000)*

*Source: Payscale

Average Weekly Hours

43 hours (vs. all jobs average of 44 hours)*

*Source: Job Outlook

Main Industries

Public Administration and Safety; Construction; and Education and Training

Most Common Qualification Level

31.4% hold a Bachelor’s Degree


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*Sources: and – All information is to be used as a guide only, and are accurate at the time of publication.