Piyanut T

Certified Cyber Security Professional

As someone working in the hospitality industry—initially as a Barista and now as a cafe supervisor — I sought a comprehensive cyber security course that would allow me to upskill efficiently. Lumify Learn stood out for several reasons:

Flexibility and Self-Management: Lumify Learn’s course structure allowed me to study at my own pace. With 24/7 support, online video resources, and an e-book, I could tailor my learning experience to my schedule.

Financial Support and Technical Assistance: Amidst various options in the market, Lumify Learn provided an ideal solution. Not only did it offer financial flexibility, but the technical assistance was invaluable.

Expert Mentorship: Throughout the course, specialised mentors with over a decade of experience in cyber security guided us. Weekly routines fostered a sense of community, allowing students and mentors to exchange ideas and exam strategies.

Happiness in Studying: The personalised support from instructors and mentors made all the difference. Whenever I had doubts or needed clarification, their prompt responses ensured a smooth learning journey.

Exceeding Expectations: Lumify Learn surpassed industry relevance. Real-world scenarios and hands-on projects equipped me to tackle practical challenges. It wasn’t just theory; it was about solving actual problems.

Achievements Since Starting Studies: Since joining Lumify Learn, I’ve achieved a deeper understanding of cyber security. This knowledge has opened up new job opportunities for me. I feel equipped to tackle real-world scenarios confidently.

Recommendation to Potential Students: If you’re serious about your career growth, I wholeheartedly recommend Lumify Learn. Their courses are practical, the community is supportive, and the impact on your career is undeniable.