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We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between the Lumify Learn and Study and Work. This collaboration is designed to help you unlock your potential and kick-start your IT career.

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Lumify Edge
Over 5,000 interns placed

Over 5,000 interns placed in more than 5,000 companies since 2007

400 interns per year

Approximately 400 interns placed per year

More than 50% interns hired

More than 50% of interns get hired by host companies during or after completion of their internships

Study and Work is a dedicated organisation that specialises in creating pathways for students to gain valuable work experience and launch successful careers in the IT industry. By leveraging its extensive network of employers and offering tailored career support, Study and Work empowers students to find the right opportunities and make informed decisions about their professional journeys.

How do I apply

For Existing students:

If you are interested to apply for Internship Opportunities with Study & Work, follow the steps below

  1. Sign-in: your Studyspot account HERE.

  2. Opt-In : Navigate to Industry partner program section in your course and choose to Opt-In Note: You will only be able to access Lumify Edge section when you are at the last stage of your course.

  3. Stage 1 of Lumify Edge Rebranding-: Update your resume and portfolio with our professional services.

  4. Stage 2 of Lumify Edge- Access Lumify Edge Portal -: Gain Access to Lumify Edge exclusive Portal, where you will be able to view all jobs and employers will be able to view student’s profile as well.

  5. Study & Work internship opportunities: Apply to internship opportunities through Lumify Edge Portal

New students:
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Type Of Internships Available

  • 3 months unpaid

  • 3 -5 days per week – giving students flexibility to manage other work, family commitment or job search

  • Online or in person

  • Across Australia

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Why This Partnership Matters

  • Real-World Experience: Bridge the gap between your studies and hands-on experience through exclusive internship placements offered by Study and Work, ensuring that you are job-ready upon graduation. 

  • Personalised Career Support: Receive tailored guidance from experienced career coaches, helping you set and achieve your IT career goals and aspirations. 

  • Expand Your Professional Network: Attend networking events and workshops organized by Lumify Learn and Study and Work, connecting you with industry experts and like-minded peers, fostering relationships that can open doors to new opportunities. 

  • Flexible Study Options: Balance your education and work commitments with ease, thanks to a wide range of flexible learning opportunities provided by Lumify Learn.

Are you ready to take advantage of this exceptional partnership and elevate your IT career? Discover more about how this collaboration benefits you: 

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