QA_PRO_08 Complaints and Appeals Procedure

1. Purpose

This procedure is provided on behalf of the RTO, Lumify Learn and is based on providing and maintaining training services that are fair and reasonable and provide a process where issues or inadequacies can be resolved. This procedure provides adequate opportunity for complaints and appeals to be forwarded to Lumify Learn management in a timely, confidential and sensitive manner.

2. Procedure

The procedure provides students and stakeholders a clear process to follow in order to register and resolve a complaint or appeal. It ensures all parties involved are kept informed of the resulting actions and outcomes.

3. Internal Complaints/Appeals

Internal complaints/appeals will be handled as follows:

  • Lumify Learn will ensure the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness are adopted at every stage of the complaint and appeal process.

  • Complainant can make an informal complaint via phone. Lumify Learn staff will work with the complainant to find an acceptable solution. If they are unsatisfied, they can submit a formal written complaint.

  • All formal complaints/appeals should be submitted in writing at the earliest possible opportunity using the Lumify Learn Complaint and Appeal Form, with supporting evidence where appropriate.

  • A submitted complaint/appeal will constitute a formal complaint/appeal from the student and will be acknowledged in writing.

  • The Lumify Learn RTO Manager will be informed of all student complaints/appeals.

  • The Lumify Learn RTO Manager may delegate responsibility for the resolution of the complaint/appeal as required and appropriate.

  • In the case of a complaint/appeal, the Lumify Learn RTO Manager will initiate a transparent, participative process to deal with the issues at hand.

  • The Complainant will always have an opportunity to formally present his or her case at minimal or no cost and be accompanied and assisted by a support person at any relevant meetings.

  • Where the Lumify Learn RTO Manager considers that more than 60 days will be needed to finalise the complaint, the Complainant will be notified of the reasons in writing and will be regularly updated as the matter progresses.

  • Complaints or appeals where possible are to be resolved within 10 working days of the initial application.

  • Length of time may vary depending on the complexity of the case,

  • If the Complainant is under 18, a complaint report will be sent to their Parent or Legal Guardian,

  • A copy of all outcomes and correspondence raised during the process will also be forwarded to the Parent or Legal Guardian.

  • In all cases the final conclusion will be endorsed by the Lumify Learn RTO Manager and the Lumify Learn General Manager.

  • The Complainant will be advised in writing of the outcome of their complaint/appeal.

  • If the outcome is not to the satisfaction of the client, he/she may seek an appointment with the Lumify Learn RTO Manager.

  • The Lumify Learn RTO Manager may decide to escalate the complaint/appeal to the Lumify Learn General Manager if deemed necessary.

  • Where a complaint/appeal is against the Lumify Learn RTO Manager, or there is a potential or existing conflict of interest concerning the Lumify Learn RTO Manager, the complaint/appeal will automatically be escalated to the Lumify Learn General Manager.

  • The Lumify Learn General Manager decision will be final; however, the Complainant has the option to seek outside assistance to pursue the complaint/appeal.

  • All grievances, complaints and appeals will be handled in confidence in line with the Privacy Policy.

Complaints/appeals may be discussed at Management Review meetings for continuous improvement of the processes. All complaints/appeals are to be registered and held on file at Lumify Learn. Details concerning the scope of Lumify Learn Complaints and Appeals Policy are to be clearly displayed throughout the Lumify Learn organisation and contained within the Student Induction Process and Student Handbook.

4.      External Appeals

If a Complainant is not satisfied with the outcome or resolution of the complaint/appeal as defined by the Lumify Learn RTO Manager or the General Manager, the Complainant has the right to seek external mediation to review the matter. Lumify Learn can direct Complainants to external mediation, but this will need to be arranged by the Complainant and will be at the cost of the Complainant.

5.      Actioning the Outcomes

Where the complaint/appeal is upheld, Lumify Learn will implement the required corrective action within 28 days and advise the relevant parties of the outcome. If you are under 18, a complaint report will be sent to the Complainant’s parent or legal guardian, with a copy of all outcomes and correspondence raised during the process

6.      Further Actions

If the student remains unhappy with the Internal and External outcome, they may refer the matter to the National Training Complaints Hotline by calling 13 38 73. More information and links to state organisations that can assist with Complaints/Appeals can be found on the Australian Government, Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business website under National Training Complaints Hotline.

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