QA_PRO_03-04 Student code of conduct

Lumify Learn is passionate about offering the very best student experience. This means that students must take responsibility for their behaviour and ensure that they are adhering to this Student Code of Conduct, as well as to the policies and procedures of the RTO in which they are enrolled (a summary of these requirements may be found in your Student Handbook).

All students must:

  • respect other people’s rights to hold different positions and views in our society which is accepting of diversity, including in online forums and virtual workshops.

  • be receptive to others point of view.

  • not discriminate against another person for their beliefs, nationality, religion, age, associations, or gender

  • not impose their own values on other students

  • be mindful and respectful that every student has the right to learn with equal opportunity, to develop their maximum potential.

Improper or Inappropriate Behaviour from our Students:

Improper or inappropriate behaviour includes but is not restricted to:

  • persistent disruptive behaviour in online forums or unit of study chat groups

  • verbally abusive or hostile behaviour affecting fellow students and/or staff.

  • behaviour of a discriminatory nature

  • acting in a lewd way

  • physical, written (including through social media) or verbal assault on staff, other students, or members of the public or behaviour which is perceived to be threatening.

  • cheating in an assessment/examination

  • plagiarising another person’s work

  • theft from staff or students

  • slander or harassment (whether verbal, sexual or otherwise) of staff or other students

  • if on training premises and consuming or having consumed and under the influence of alcohol and/or non-medically prescribed drugs

  • smoking or the use of prohibited or illegal substances if at training premises

  • deliberate misuse of the RTO’s equipment or materials, including computing and electronic resources including accessing websites containing illicit, obscene or violent material or content, downloading music, movies or other files illegally or knowingly installing or bringing malicious or illegal software onto the computers

  • inappropriately using of phones, cameras, and other recording devices electronic devices

  • if on training premises, carriage, use or being in possession of a prescribed or regulated weapon or dangerous article on training premises.

  • if on training premises, arson of training premises and/or property

  • if on premises, wilful or malicious damage to training property or equipment.

  • if on premises, not adhering to dress codes.

If on training premises, any student who has been found to willingly or accidentally activate fire or security alarms which result in the calling out of emergency services such as the fire department, police, ambulance or any other emergency service. The student will be liable for whatever costs are incurred by their actions. Furthermore, students may be prosecuted under State or Federal laws in relation to their actions.

All reported improper or inappropriate behaviour will be investigated and may result in suspension or cancellation of enrolment.

Serious Misconduct:

Serious misconduct is deemed to be behaviour that is illegal, wilful or premeditated. This behaviour can result in immediate suspension pending investigation and may lead to cancellation of your enrolment.

Misconduct of a criminal nature will be reported to the appropriate authority including the police for prosecution as appropriate.

Students facing any misconduct investigation will be advised of all their rights including the right to appeal the outcome decision.

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