Lumify Group Defence Academy

Lumify Learn and Lumify Group Defence Academy: A strategic partnership for ICT

Lumify Learn is working with the Lumify Group Defence Academy to provide former defence personnel (veterans) with access to quality, self-paced, vendor-certified and nationally accredited ICT training.

What is the Lumify Group Defence Academy?

The Lumify Group Defence Academy offers tailored support and resources to assist veterans in successfully transitioning their careers from the military to the civilian workforce. Whether they are interested in pursuing a new career in IT or leveraging their ICT skills gained from their military service, the Lumify Group is committed to providing the necessary guidance and opportunities for veterans to thrive in their civilian lives.

How does the partnership work with Lumify Learn?

Through this partnership, veterans, along with their spouses, children, and dependents, can easily enroll in Lumify Learn’s various ICT courses. Lumify Learn trainers provide ongoing support throughout any program, ensuring all students get the resources needed to help them graduate.

Lumify Learn has a vast experience in delivering courses to the Australian Defence Force and its personnel, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive quality training, support and guidance from experts who understand your needs and goals. This will also give future employers the confidence that they are getting quality, job-ready IT talent.