Salesforce Administrator

Learn about the key skills and education required to pursue a career in Salesforce administration. Explore Australian statistics on industry growth, salary potential, and employment opportunities across the country.


Salesforce designs cloud-based software to help businesses generate more leads, close more deals, drive sales, track and analyse data, and offer superior customer service. Salesforce offers a suite of products that connects sales, service, marketing, IT, and commerce under one system so that everyone within an organization can access customer information and use it to perform duties.

Salesforce Administrators solve business problems by customizing the Salesforce Platform. They build, configure, and automate technology solutions to deliver business value. They work with stakeholders to define system requirements and customize the platform. Most importantly, they enable users to get the most out of Salesforce technology.

Salesforce Administrators best understand how to make the platform work for their company’s goals. Some organizations may employ just one admin; some employ many people in this role.

Key Skills

Core responsibilities include supporting users, managing data, maintaining security standards, and delivering actionable analytics. A Salesforce Administrator’s colleagues can rely on them to:

  • Maintain the platform

  • Make it as easy as possible for users of any technical level to use Salesforce

  • Stay updated on the platform’s new tools, capabilities, and updates

Think of Certified Salesforce Administrator as your trusted advisors on all things Salesforce. They are a vital bridge between business and technology projects.

Quick Facts

Salesforce is the definitive CRM solution of the modern business world, with over 150,000 [] companies across different industries using it. Its proven effectiveness has sprung forth specialised positions within organisations to make the most of this platform to drive growth.

Salary Range

$65,000 - $151,000 (Median: $99,000)*


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