Fast-track Your Path to A Career as a Data Scientist

By Michelle Tran  |  September 8, 2020

When asked about the recent growth of data science and analysis in the marketplace, Allen Blue – the co-founder of LinkedIn – remarked, “There are very few data scientists out there passing out their resumes.”

On the surface this might suggest it’s difficult for people to find work in the industry – but in fact, it’s the opposite: employers are finding it difficult to nab people to work for them. And that’s for a very good reason. “Data scientists,” Blue continued, “are all already employed, because they’re so much in demand.”

He makes a good point. When LinkedIn released its Emerging Jobs Report for this year, it was revealed that the need for experts in data science and Machine Learning (ML) had grown by a staggering 37 percent on a yearly basis since 2017. On top of that, in the IT Jobs Report released by Hays for 2020, data science sat in the number four position on the top five in-demand IT skills in Australia. To throw one last statistic at you, it is estimated that in another three years’ time, more than 33 percent of large organisations will have data analysts practicing decision intelligence including decision modelling, according to Gartner’s top 10 Data and Analytics Technology Trends for 2020.

That’s a bunch of stats, trends and analytics. The ability to take this data, break it down and apply it to real-life scenarios – like, say, the Australian IT job market – is only one of a plethora of skills you stand to gain in the brand new Data Science Accelerated course being offered right here at Lumify Learn.

A new outlook on the way you learn

We’re doing things a little differently this time. For one thing, we’ve but the entire course online – in keeping with the theme of our training, we’ve gone entirely digital. We have worked with Microsoft to put together a grouping of certifications, each of which consists of a Microsoft Azure course and exam – plus Open Source Software like SQL, Python, R and Hadoop – and to cap it all off, a live data challenge to build a capstone project for your portfolio, which will demonstrate those real-world skills to potential employers. (Those hirers will also have access to an online profile and live performance data, which will be developed for each student.)

To add to our new training innovations, we’ve developed a “Start Together, Finish Whenever” approach to the Data Science Accelerated course. Although it’s a twelve-month program, once you’ve started (in a cohort with your fellow students) it’s your choice what pace you take through the course materials – whether you want to sprint through or take it slower, it’s entirely up to you

As you move through the course, you’ll have access to a wide range of learning experiences designed specifically for Data Science training, which will replicate real-world scenarios. These will include video content, quizzes, live labs and more.

To help you along the way, we’ve also provided mentors – dedicated industry experts who will be at your service to not only guide you through the courseware, but also to help connect you with the prime movers and shakers in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and ML. It’s a brains trust that you’ll find invaluable, not to mention a networking opportunity like no other!

Those opportunities to connect with industry leaders don’t stop there – you’ll also be able to attend weekly webinars, all of which are led by leaders and trail blazers in the data science industry.

A custom-made, fully digital training program, that you can take at your own pace and includes expert mentorship… what are you waiting for?

Data science in the job marketplace

So, once you’ve got the skills in data science that you’ll gain from our new course, what can you do with it?


First off, there’s Data Scientists. As a Data Scientist you will collect and analyse data and apply it to the potential growth of your business. These roles often require a sound knowledge of Python, machine learning and Big Data – and hey, you’ll have just picked up those skills with Lumify Learn! The icing on the cake is that these roles will usually come with competitively high salaries, comfortably sitting above the national average.

Then there’s Data Analysts. As a Data Analyst, as well as collecting and analysing data to build the success of your business, you’ll also be responsible for studying and analysing patterns and new trends in the marketplace, and utilise those problem-solving skills you’ll have honed while studying with Lumify Learn.

Data science as an industry isn’t going away any time soon, nor is it about to dwindle. On the contrary, as we’ve mentioned above, it’s only getting bigger and bigger, with increasingly more demands from businesses to hire aspiring data scientists and analysts.

If you want a unique learning experience, and you want to build those skills in data science, Machine Learning and artificial intelligence, get in touch with Lumify Learn and join this rapidly growing new environment – we want to help launch your career as an expert in the field, and we’ve build a course just for you.

Fast-track your path to the exciting world of data science, and enquire about our Certified Data Science Professional Course today.

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