Cyber Security Architect

Dive into the day-to-day responsibilities and required skills of a cyber security architect. Learn about industry growth, employment opportunity, and salary potential for those in Australia.


Cyber Security Architect designs different components of a security system, and contribute into the solutioning of a new security system to support the business objectives and requirements.

They have both technical and business skills in executing a wide range of methodologies; along with the purpose of each, and how and when to implement  them.

Requires knowledge of different security systems and how to maintain the organisational needs around confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA triad) requirements.

When it comes to demand for cybersecurity jobs, security architects are on the low end, with nearly 7,000 job postings from January to September 2018, according to Burning Glass Technologies Labor Insights. Given the advanced level of the position, it's not surprising that there are fewer jobs available than for other jobs, like cybersecurity analyst.

Key Skills

  • Provide guidance and leadership on cybersecurity policy

  • Collaborate with business leaders, developers, engineers and more to identify the organization’s business needs and make a plan for implementation

  • Research and design all security features for IT projects

  • Use cryptography to protect an organization’s data

  • Stay up to date on cybersecurity threats, tools and best practices

Quick Facts

Security architect’s may have worked their way up to their position through jobs such as security administrator, network administrator and security analyst.

Based on 119 responses, the job of Security Architect, IT has received a job satisfaction rating of 4.11 out of 5. On aver

Salary Range

$85,000 - $167,000 (Median: $125,000)*

Average Weekly Hours

Security architects tend to work full time in a general office environment.


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