QA_POL_16 Progression and intervention policy

1. Purpose

This Policy outlines how Lumify Learn will identify students at risk of non-completion of their studies through poor performance or attendance and outlines Lumify Learn commitment to re-engage with students to support their progression and completion of their studies.

2. Scope

This Policy covers all of Lumify Learn training and assessment services across all campuses and all training/academic, student services, and governance staff members.

3. Responsibilities

The General Manager is responsible for ensuring this Policy is implemented. The Compliance Coordinator is responsible for ensuring this Policy is maintained and up to date in line with scheduled revisions. Managerial staff are responsible for ensuring their teams are up-to-date with this Policy.

4. Policy


This policy is based on the principles that all students enrolled with Lumify Learn are given a fair opportunity to complete the course they have enrolled in.

There are times when a student fails to contact their trainer and assessor for various reasons or does not attend classes. It is the policy of Lumify Learn that once a student is enrolled, we will endeavour, using all the resources available to us, to succeed in assisting that student in completing the course and gaining a qualification.

The policy is supported by Lumify Learn commitment to:

  • issue a mutually agreed course outline a Training Plan which will establish clear target dates for when unit assessments need to be completed and submitted to the trainer and assessor against scheduled unit completion dates, for all full qualifications

  • for a valid reason, i.e., sickness, sudden unemployment, loss of a family member – a student is able to apply to Lumify Learn RTO Manager to have an extension to submit their assessments in line with the Quality Training and Assessment Policy and Procedure

  • for a valid reason, i.e. sickness, sudden unemployment, loss of a family member – a student is able to apply to Lumify Learn General Manager to have their studies deferred for a reasonable period of time till they are capable of continuing their studies

  • if a student does not communicate with Lumify Learn, the trainer and assessor will try by reasonable means available to them, i.e. e-mail, telephone, to contact a student to ascertain why a student’s studies have not continued (but only through a communication mode agreed by the student).

This Policy is made available to students through the student induction program and in writing within the Student Handbook.

Lumify Learn reasons that course progress is closely linked to students’ active participation in all learning and assessment activities, and timely completion of assessments.

At the beginning of each course and/or unit of competency, trainers and assessors always provide information on assessment requirements, conditions, assessment due dates and other relevant competency requirements to the students.

Should a student be falling behind this Lumify Learn policy position, Lumify Learn staff will meet with the student and put in place an Individual Learning Plan to support the student to make up any activities that have yet to be undertaken.

Where a student is identified as requiring additional academic or personal support, the student will be referred to Lumify Learn Student Support Policy and Procedure, including the list of student services available to all students. Support will be provided for their period of study where the student’s progress will be monitored through an Individual Learning Plan.

Course Duration Extension

Due to extenuating circumstances, students may request an extension of course duration for a period of up to 4 weeks post the course completion date without incurring any additional fees.

Any further extensions will incur fees for an additional term/cluster, equivalent of a 3-month extension.

Students who wish to apply for a course duration extension must do so in writing. Please send an email to [email protected] and include the following information:

  • Students Name, Address and Contact details

  • Student ID

  • Course of study being undertaken

  • Reasons for requesting a course duration extension.

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