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Secure Your Future in Cyber Security with e2 Cyber and Lumify Learn

In response to Australia's growing IT skills shortage, especially in cyber security, Lumify Learn has partnered with e2 Cyber to connect you with even more job opportunities.

As a leader in cyber security recruitment, e2 Cyber is dedicated to finding the next generation of IT professionals to meet the increasing demand from their employers. Our partnership ensures Lumify Learn students have direct access to passionate recruiters and a wealth of job openings, providing a seamless transition from education to employment.

Start your journey with Lumify Learn and step confidently into a successful IT career, backed by industry-leading training and recruitment support.

Empowering you to unlock your career potential

Our partnership with e2 Cyber offers immense value to our students, providing you with unique opportunities to enhance your learning and job readiness. Here's how:

Specialised Training Sessions

e2 Cyber brings its industry expertise directly to our Cyber Security courses through specialised training sessions, providing our students with industry insights and knowledge relevant to their journey.

Personalised Recruiter Guidance

Students gain one-on-one guidance and knowledge with e2 Cyber recruiters, receiving tailored advice and support to navigate the job market effectively.

Active Job Placement Support

As a national leader in cyber security recruitment, e2 Cyber connects our students with cyber roles across Australia, from entry-level to executive positions. Their dedicated team works tirelessly to help Lumify Learn graduates secure their next role. This partnership is designed to give you the best possible start to launch your cyber security career.

Career-Long Support

e2 Cyber’s career-long services ensure that students are not only prepared for their first job but are also equipped to advance and thrive in the cybersecurity industry over the long term.

Take control of your career with Lumify Learn and e2 Cyber today. Navigate your career moves with precision, from training to placement.

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Jacob Bywater

e2 Cyber - Director

At e2 Cyber, we are extremely passionate about supporting Australia's tech industry, in particular cyber security. Partnering with Lumify Learn allows us to contribute significantly to the development of the next generation of cyber professionals—individuals who are crucial for Australia's continued growth and security. As a recruiter, I understand that everyone starts from somewhere. e2 Cyber is committed to being part of the solution by actively engaging in the learning process and helping connect talented graduates to the job opportunities we need to fill. By partnering with Lumify Learn, we can ensure that these emerging professionals are job-ready and equipped with the skills required to excel in their careers.