Unlock career advancement with Recognition of Prior Learning

Have years of hands-on experience in IT, but lack the formal qualifications that employers consider for higher-level positions? Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can help. With RPL you can have your current skills recognised and achieve a nationally recognised qualification in less time than you think.

With Lumify Learn you could be eligible for a ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology (Advanced Networking) or a ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology (Cyber Security) with little or no extra study. Even better, by achieving your qualification with Lumify Learn, part of the Lumify Group, provider of the most comprehensive range of IT training in Australia, you know you have a qualification employers will trust.

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Career Advancement

RPL serves as a catalyst for career progression, offering you a pathway to a formal qualification that can be beneficial when competing for more senior positions within the IT sector.

Skills Recognition

RPL acknowledges skills, knowledge, and experience gained in the Information Technology (IT) industry, transforming individual experience into coveted qualifications.

Time Efficiency

Because RPL offers a streamlined approach to obtaining formal qualifications, this significantly reduces the time investment typically required.

Personal Development

RPL means you can skip the modules you are already skilled in and focus on efficiently closing skills gaps that might be holding you back.

Anyone who can demonstrate legitimate experience, knowledge and skills that are relevant to the course of study can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning and/or Recognition of Current Competency.

This applies regardless of whether your training or experience was developed in Australia. Recognition of Prior Learning assessments are evidence-based, so you must be able to provide evidence of your skills and knowledge for an assessor to deem you ‘competent’. RPL is assessed on a case-by-case basis and not all RPL applications are successful. You will have an assessor who will be able to assist you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

RPL will not reduce the course fees, however, when successful, it can fast-track you through to completion of your course. Some students apply for 1 unit of RPL and some for 100 % of their course.

A minimum of 3 years’ experience is necessary for Certificate-level qualifications, and more substantive depth of experience is required for Diploma-level qualifications. The time spent in a role is just one factor to consider when calculating eligibility for RPL – the nature of the experience is just as important. Work and life experience, IT vendor certifications you already hold, volunteer work and formal and informal training can contribute to your portfolio of evidence for qualifications through RPL. Currency is also important, which is why our assessor will be reviewing evidence provided demonstrating clients have current industry skills and knowledge.

To count towards RPL, current industry experience is required along with the certifications. Lumify Learn has undertaken a competency mapping process for many of the vendor certification courses. You need to provide a copy of your vendor certifications and approval from Lumify Learn to validate your certificate with your provider.

YES! If you have undertaken any prior studies, you may be eligible to transfer credits towards your Certificate or Diploma, which could reduce the number of units needed to complete your qualification. Before enrolling, have a conversation with your Course Advisor to discuss potential credit transfers that can fast-track your studies and lower your course fees. You will need to provide evidence of your previous studies, and this will be verified before any credits can be applied. It's important to finalise this process before the start of your course for a smooth learning journey.

Everything is done online and over-the-phone with our qualified trainers. Which means if you can provide sufficient evidence of your industry experience or previous training, you may not need to complete any additional formal study. If required, gap training can be provided.

RPL means that you do not have to study what you already know. Instead Lumify Learn will assess the skills, knowledge, and experience that you have gained through work, study, and life experiences. We do this by looking at:

🡆 Evidence of past work, this can be through paid or voluntary work that you have undertaken in Australia, especially within the past three years, in job roles related to Information Technology

🡆 Past qualifications or statements of attainment.

🡆 References from current and past employment.

You may be assessed in one of two ways:

Written portfolio/CV/Resume - In this case, compile your portfolio of evidence and submit, or

Recognition interview - In this case, compile your portfolio of evidence and contact Lumify Learn to arrange a suitable date and time (via Teams, Zoom) to present your portfolio to your assessor at a recognition interview.

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